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NowCar Mitsubishi Cyber Attack Security

Mitsubishi Electric Protects Connected Cars with Cyber Security

Written By, Jordan R

In an age where automakers are racing to make the first self-driving autonomous car available for consumer retail, cyber security is becoming an increasingly talked about field. During the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, CES, both Kia Motors and Mitsubishi Motors/Mitsubishi Electric presented technology being designed for a post-autonomous world, one where the auto market sells self-driving vehicles as the norm. With all the autonomous and wireless interconnectivity these technologies discussed, many consumers may wonder how secure it all is. It’s a good question, and Mitsubishi returned with a response.

2019 CES Technology

While there was plenty of cool stuff that we covered, there are three main technologies presented by Kia Motors and Mitsubishi Motors/Electric that could open up potential for cyber attacks. Take the “Automated Valet System” designed by Hyundai Motor Group (Kia Motors is under their automotive umbrella). Using a smartphone app, a driver can send their autonomous electric vehicle (EV) to a wireless charging station to recharge. Once finished, the automated EV will park itself in a vacant spot.

Mitsubishi Electric presented one autonomous feature and an interactive display for sharing data. The former is known as “Vehicle Platooning” where several vehicles drive in one lane towards a destination. In this mode, multiple cars can share and listen to the same music, as well as chat. The massive interactive display allows passengers to chat and share content with other passengers in other cars.

See the potential for cyber attacks? With the Automated Valet System, if the car can park itself automatically, could a hacker end its recharge cycle prematurely and drive away with it? Could someone snare data being shared over a non-secure line when passengers share content through the features provided by Mitsubishi Electric? Here’s where a new Multi-Layered Defense Technology system comes into play.

Multi-Layered Defense Technology by Mitsubishi Electric

With autonomous features on the rise, there are consumers who worry about the digital phase. Although fingerprint locks are designed to keep out anyone who isn’t registered, they can also be bypassed by the right thief. So what’s to stop a car thief from taking over a self-driving vehicle or intercepting data from vehicles connected to a smartphone or even a house?

Mitsubishi Electric has designed a system that can help protect connected vehicles from cyber attacks by strengthening their head unit’s defense capabilities. By installing a variety of robust security features, including an intrusion detection system, Mitsubishi Electric has basically designed an antivirus program for automobile security integrity. The new technology detects cyber attacks by monitoring the automotive head unit and analyzing whether or not there is any malicious activity present.

One of the great features about this new intrusion detection system is that it has been designed to work without high-load processing, only needing to become active when malicious activity is recognized, versus working all the time and taking away processing power from the automobile’s computer. Furthermore, thanks to Fast secure-boot technology, the system boots up 90-percent faster. This is the main reason that the intrusion detection system doesn’t always have to be actively running. The system can also quickly verify software integrity during its own boot up process for quicker and more secure protection of the vehicle’s software embedded in the automotive head unit.

Technology is advancing quickly and keeping up with all the problems it can create is just part of the job. Stay up to date with new automobile technology by following NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Unsplash/Jefferson Santos @jefflssantos