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NowCar Uconnect 2019 Ram 1500

Meeting Customers Halfway with Modern Car Technology

Written By, Jordan R.

Here at NowCar, we constantly look for automotive news and happenings to bring our readers up-to-date with the automarket. With the recent auto shows having taken place, such as the 2018 Detroit Auto Show where the 2019 Ram 1500 debuted, or the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show where the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL debuted, FCA vehicles are building a bright future for the auto group. During our latest scour of the interwebs, we found a nifty little implementation by an auto dealer in Michigan. Dealerships are starting to hire techies to help explain all of the new technology popping up in automobiles today. It’s actually a really smart practice, and NowCar has been doing it for years.

UVO eServices. Uconnect. Apple CarPlay. Android Auto. Infotainment System. Those are just some of the common terms for modern technology found in automobiles today. Recognize a few?

In today’s auto market, the auto industry is starting to catch up with mobile technology, and many automakers are doing everything they can to transform automobiles into more than just a travel appliance. They want to make their vehicles a part of their consumers lives as much as their smartphones and home appliances, working on ways to interconnect all of them. As automakers increasingly add new and complex tech like infotainment systems, dealerships are confronted with more questions and frustrated customers having a hard time navigating the touchscreen.

Because many automobile manuals are now digital and not physically ready on hand, dealers may find it hard to explain or showcase all the new technology a consumer may find in their vehicle. To help with this, in-house tech geeks and technological experts are being hired at various dealerships to help educate customers about how to operate the new fancy technology in their new cars and trucks. Just think of how far technology has come and how rapidly it changes.

In vehicles today, there is such an upheaval of technology that it can be difficult for salespeople as well as consumers when it comes to buying a new car. Both parties involved are trying to focus on striking up a deal that is mutually beneficial but also need to concentrate on what the vehicle of interest offers and can do. Salespeople need to know how to set up the technology, how to get it to work, and how to configure it so they can then explain it to customers while demonstrating the vehicle. Otherwise, consumers will come home and then get angry once they realize that salesperson didn’t even bother to go over the technology in their new car, leaving them scratching their heads.

Some dealerships have high-tech sessions salespeople can go to when purchasing or leasing a new car to learn all about the new technology. Such sessions range anywhere from 25 minutes with a more tech-savvy customer to 90 minutes for a beginner. In addition, salespeople can follow-up with questions over the phone or via in-person meetings. This is all to inform the salespeople so that they can inform the consumer.

Sounds familiar to what NowCar can do for consumers shopping for a new car online. Not only can consumers give us a call and have a NowCar specialist walk them through the entire buying process, from the model type to specific features, but we can help a consumer learn all about their new car. For those who are visual learners and may need more than a phone call discussion to operate, say, their Uconnect infotainment system, we are putting together little how-to videos for many of the technological questions consumers may have, such as connecting their phone via Bluetooth, using Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay, and more.

When buying a car online or leasing a car online with NowCar, it would be safe to assume that our customer support team is tech-savvy enough to handle questions about the new technology in cars. Some dealerships may be starting a new trend, and that’s great not only for the consumer and the dealership, but also the job market for IT and techies. However, until auto tech sessions become widespread practice and the norm for dealerships, many out there have salespeople who are basically clueless. Why take a chance when NowCar already has specialists that know how to operate new car technology and can explain it to the consumer whenever it’s most convenient? Better than trying to figure all of that on the lot - that’s just another dirty technique for salespeople to tire you out so that you’ll make a purchase and get moving.

Don’t take a chance on the potential knowledge of some shirt and tie at the dealership. Start shopping for a new car online with NowCar and get all your technology questions answered.

Photo Source/Copyright: DriveUconnect.Com