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Mazda Readies 2023 Mazda CX-50 Crossover SUV

Written By, Brad R

Mazda has brought together a new vehicle known as the 2023 Mazda CX-50 SUV. Mazda surprises and delights customers as an exceptional driving experience is offered. Owners gain a vehicle that has a 110,8-inch wheelbase with a longer body than the Mazda CX-5 vehicle. The total length is 185.8 inches for the 2023 Mazda CX-50. The Mazda crossover product is quite able to handle driving off beaten paths and offering superior handling. This is a vehicle that can look to break into the lane that Jeep and other brands have done very well with.

More of the 2023 Mazda CX-50

The CX-50 gains two 2.5-Liter four-cylinder engines, one with a naturally aspirated base engine as well as the turbocharged powertrain option. The base powertrain offers 187 horsepower with 186 lb-ft of torque and nets 24 city mpg and 30 highway mpg to enjoy. For drivers that want greater strength, they can opt for the 256 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque with 93-octane fuel or 227 horsepower with 310 lb-ft of torque on regular 87-octane gasoline. Both engines are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel-drive as a standard perk. Drivers gain a vehicle that nets them the ability to tow 3,500 pounds. Owners get an impressive 10.3-inch display for its infotainment. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are a nice touch. The interior is sleek and carries lush materials to enjoy. The top trim offers wireless phone charging as well.  

Massive Power and Space With the CX-50

31.4 cubic feet of cargo space with the option of closing the rear seats neatly in their fold-down phase that produces 56.3 cubic feet of space. The Mazda-Toyota joint-venture factory in Alabama will be responsible for building the 2023 Mazda CX-50. The MSRP for the CX-50 starts at $28,025 and the highest trim starts at $42,772 MSRP. If the CX-50 vehicle can hold its place as a solid choice, we expect this vehicle to land on Car and Driver's 10Best list, just as the CC-5 did.  

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