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LED, HID, or Halogen Headlights: Which Is Right For You?

Written By, Brad R

When it comes to headlight modifications on a vehicle, we have our suggestions to keep in mind before getting started with anything related to headlights. While we only sell new vehicles at NowCar, not all vehicles are sold with LED or HID headlights stocked. This means halogen bulbs are used instead. Halogen bulbs have long been the standard choice for auto manufacturers. The pros and cons of both sides are simple. The biggest difference between them involves longevity and how well they produce light for drivers. We are happy to go over the various differences between the many choices out there for our customers.

Not Feeling Halogen Any Longer?

Halogen bulbs are great for their price, but they have a faint orange/yellow hue that shines and doesn’t project outward enough for some drivers. That’s why an owner might opt for the newer technology in headlights. LED and HID headlights have become a more popular choice for drivers. Both HID and LED headlights shine further down and require less energy on the battery to work. That’s the good news, but there are some drawbacks. HID bulbs take a few seconds to turn on, whereas LED bulbs are ready right from the jump. LED bulbs are set to hit around 45,000 hours of a lifespan, while HID bulbs only offer 5,000 hours and they also draw more power from the battery. If an owner of a vehicle with LED left their headlights on all night, the car will still be able to start without fail. HID bulbs take about an average amount of energy from a battery, but halogen bulbs definitely take more battery life and will most likely require an owner to get a jump if they left their headlights on overnight.

The Difference Between Light

Halogen bulbs are less expensive and they are not going to blind other drivers on the road. Sometimes, an owner wants to do the work of replacing their own headlights, but they don’t aim the LED headlights downward so the lights are too high up. This is common with larger vehicles and big pickup trucks, but they can easily adjust their LED headlights. HID lights have a range up to seven different color shades, LED bulbs only offer around four choices, while the halogen bulbs are pretty much the same two colors of orange and yellow hue. Thinking about adding more color?

What’s Better Than LED or HID?

Now, some aftermarket headlights have brought into play a new add-on feature that adds a massive color range to headlights. These headlights are more expensive, even more expensive than LED headlights normally cost. Keep in mind, the price range for a halogen bulb is as cheap as $9 up to $20 dollars. LED bulbs can run anywhere around $35 to over $100 dollars. LED headlights that have the ability to change color are fitted with an RGB piece. This part added to allow for literally an infinite amount of colors across the entire color spectrum. Teal? Aqua? Strawberry red? If there’s a name for it, this color can be displayed through a two-in-one set-up that allows the driver to have both the high-beams and low-beams, as well as the RGB piece all from the same bulb. The RGB works with Bluetooth technology, accessible through an app available for smartphones. These special LED RGB kits are the most pricey, usually starting around $120 up to $200 or more. Keep in mind, it’s illegal in all states to use these special lighting kits while driving. They are made for fun and safe owners know when to use their LED RGB headlights. For customers looking to buy a new vehicle, feel free to ask us about the headlights that come with any of the brands we sell!

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