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Latest High-Tech To Be Showcased at 2019 New York Auto Show

Written By, Brad R

With the 2019 New York Auto Show set to start on April 19th through April 28th, 2019 with media previews, car businesses are watching for trends to reach new audiences and separate from the opposition in a time when vehicle quality and dependability are comparable across brands. The way to stand out is by coming out with something new and hoping it catches on across the industry. Let’s go over some of the latest trends that have caught on and which ideas are being floated around different brands today.

Driverless Vehicles

Could the next big thing be entirely driverless vehicles? We've known about that technology for quite some time, but it's only more recently been put into more practical use with companies like Waymo testing out their self-driving fleet.

“These things that a few years ago were expensive options on luxury cars are now safety features” across most line-ups, said Tom Mayor, a consultant at KPMG who advises car companies on their strategies.

Mayor believes around 10 to 15 years will pass before that technology is readily available. So, in 2019, what is ground-breaking? Time will tell, but there is no doubt the future with self-driving vehicles has some people afraid of accidents by computers that don’t know how to react to human drivers. At least those self-driving vehicles won’t be texting and driving and won’t go extra slow or speed very fast!

Could A Smartphone Become A Driver’s Key?

A way to curb vehicle theft and allow fast and easy ways of starting a vehicle, automakers have abandoned drivers using keys in the ignition and are unlocking new solutions to start a vehicle. Interests regarding theft and an urge to offer more assistance have driven automakers to seek different methods for owners to have to begin a vehicle. As of now, wireless key fobs that were mistakenly left in the vehicle have made it easier than ever for criminals to commit grand theft auto and hijack a vehicle. Auto theft as a whole right an eight-year high in 2017.

Hyundai Goes All In

At the 2019 New York Auto Show, Hyundai is proposing a "Digital Key" that enables vehicle owners to unlock and start their cars with their smartphones.  The 2019 New York Auto Show promises to inform and educate when it debuts the latest high-tech promised with the newest vehicles.

Hyundai's Digital Key enables drivers to open and start their car with a smartphone utilizing near-field communication technology. It will be released with the 2020 Hyundai Sonata. As carmakers and suppliers are dedicating time and resources on new technologies that increase vehicle protection, security, and ease of use.

“If you are a tech-savvy user, you don’t really need to carry the fob. Your phone will do all the functions that your fob does today,” said Manish Mahrotra, director of digital business planning and connected operations for Hyundai.

Smarter Interiors, Larger Touchscreens

Other ideas that have picked up some attention include in-car monitoring systems that can tell if a driver is intoxicated and prevent a driver from using the vehicle in an inebriated state. General Motors currently has in-car cameras in some of their vehicles, which are useful to stop a vehicle if the driver isn't paying attention.

A larger, more technically advanced touchscreen is something customers can expect going forward in more vehicles. The newest Ram 1500 that debuted in 2018 carried a massive 12-inch touchscreen that is available for drivers. This is a feature is the easiest for automakers to add and will see the largest increase from the typical smaller 5-inch touchscreens across many brands.

"(Larger touchscreens is) where the market is going. It makes for easy over-the-air upgrades, (and) it lets consumers use their favorite apps in the vehicle." According to Mayor.