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Last-minute gifts for mom

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts To Make Mom’s Commute Better

Written By, Chloe L.

Does Mom want a new car for Mother’s Day? How about the Chevy Volt? It’s a PHEV that is stylish and has an excellent fuel economy. Need something bigger? Check out the Chrysler Pacifica, it’s a minivan with some of the most advanced tech and modern amenities on the market. But, if a new car isn’t in your budget for this Mother’s Day, consider getting her a gift that will make her current car and her commute much better all year.


If your mom hates her drive to and from work consider getting her an audiobook or a monthly subscription to an audiobook app, like Audible. Unlike the radio, audiobooks have no commercials, they don’t play annoying songs over and over, nor will they tempt anyone to get distracted from looking at the road to change the station every five minutes. If you aren’t sure which book to get her, check out a recommended summer reading list and  if you get her a subscription to an app, she’ll be able to pick out the book herself.


Aside from traffic, there’s nothing worse about a daily commute than being stuck in an uncomfortable car. An excellent way to affordably make someone’s daily drive in their car more comfortable is a heated massage cushion cover. The device plugs into the vehicle’s auxiliary outlet and the massage function will make all of the time she spends in the car so much more rewarding -- you might even find that she’ll love it so much she won’t want to leave.

Aromatic Ride

Scents are a surprisingly powerful way to make people feel a certain way, and getting a good air freshener with a designer scent could be an awesome way to make Mom feel good every time she gets in the car. Amazon has a lot of really nice smelling and long lasting car air fresheners and most of them can be shipped in two days, so it’ll be there before Sunday.

Spring Cleaning

Bring your mom’s car to get detailed and cleaned. It’s a great way to make an old car look and feel like new and it’ll make an impression on her everytime she gets in it.

Any other gift ideas that might make a mom’s commute better? Share them with us on Facebook!


Happy Mother’s Day!