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KIA Teases Self-Parking, Self-Charging Cars

Written By, Pamela V

Nowadays, it seems like there is more news out on self-driving, self-parking, and self-charging vehicles. More and more companies, such as FCA, are going the electric route. And not one to stay behind, KIA Motors is giving self-charging cars a go.  

KIA Motors, part of the Hyundai Motor Group, showed a peek of their new Automated Valet Parking System during the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (the week of January 8th-11th). The Las Vegas Convention Center showcases over 4,500 exhibiting companies, including, but not limited to, manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, technology delivery systems, and other industries.

During 2018 KIA Motors developed an interesting assortment of technologies. When the KIA Stinger was released in 2018, KIA Motors realized the demand for an all-wheel drive (AWD) was high in vehicles today. Now, consumers won’t have to choose between two drivetrains. They’ll automatically get the RWD (rear-wheel drive), but if that doesn’t interest them, they’ll get the opportunity to select an all-wheel electronically-controlled transfer case instead.

Yes, all those things are cool and interesting but where KIA Motors is really stepping up is in the new Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS).

With technology moving forward, electric vehicles are becoming less of a cost and it’s making for more practical driving for the average consumer to own and drive. KIA Motors is turning its attention to developing amenities and equipment to offer to its consumers. So how is KIA Motors preparing now for the future? By developing an Automated Valet Parking System.

Automated Valet Parking System

In a few years, KIA Motors will have advanced in technology, a lot. Two things we can look forward to are A.I. (artificial intelligence) and autonomous vehicles, as they are anticipated to be on the road by 2020. What else is expected from KIA? A way to talk to one’s vehicle using one’s smartphone. With the wireless electric vehicle charging system that KIA Motors is developing. The automakers aim to install the charging systems in parking garages.

The future of a level parking space, that will act as part parking and part charging station, is (almost) here. With A.I. and autonomous self-driving car technology, vehicles will be able to find a space to park and charge up. What the automated valet parking system will mean to drivers is fluent communication between their vehicle and parking facilities.

How exactly will this work? The driver will pull into the parking garage, use their smartphone to tell the vehicle to charge, and it will automatically find the first empty wireless charging station. Once it’s fully charged the vehicle will move to a vacant normal parking spot to open up the EV (electrical vehicle) charging spot for other vehicles. Then when the driver is ready to leave all the driver will have to do is use their smartphone to call their vehicle to them. How cool.    

All of this can be done by the new Automated Valet Parking System that KIA Motors wants to install. As A.I. will play a big role in making a vehicle owner’s life easier since it’ll cut back on unnecessary driving around parking garages, it’ll be interesting to see how A.I. will work with AVPS.

Don’t forget that if you have a smartphone, being able to use this feature will be a lot easier. Along with A.I. installed in cars, KIA Motors wants to link one’s smartphone to a “smart” car. Basic functionalities like being able to do things from the comfort of their own home, like picking up online grocery orders at the store, will be possible. Walmart is allowing customers to use the Google Waymo Project self-driving vehicle services (in Phoenix, Arizona).


Don’t get too excited just yet about seeing this in the market anytime soon. This technology needs to be developed further. On, Hyundai reported that Hyundai and KIA

“are considering on commercializing the technology upon the launch of level 4 autonomous vehicle around the year of 2025. Hyundai and KIA also plan to commercialize autonomous vehicles in various smart cities from 2021 with a goal of launching fully autonomous vehicles by 2030”.  

We’ll have to wait a couple of more years to see these vehicles out on the roads but until then make sure to stay up to date with new automobile technology by following Nowcar social media.

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