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NowCar Kia Stonic Spy Photo

Kia Stonic Spotted on the Streets

Written By, Jordan R.

It seems like just a couple months ago Kia released the Kia Stinger, and while we’re all waiting for the sports car to hit the streets, it seems another vehicle is hot on its tail. With only spy shots that show a vehicle that is clad in camouflage tarp to keep prying eyes away, it seems as if there is new crossover already on the road. With many auto shows still to come this year, there are rumors of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and many are awaiting for what is said to be called the Kia Stonic.

The concept above is believed to be akin to the final product, but at the moment all spy photos show the vehicle covered in black. There is no confirmed name for the new vehicle, but intel says Kia trademarked the name “Kia Stonic” with the United States Trademark and Patent Office last year, so it’s a good guess. However, we all thought the Kia Stinger was going to be called the Kia GT4 until it finally debuted at the Detroit Auto Show, so who really knows?

What we do know is the vehicle is said to share some mechanical specs with the new Kia Rio hatchback model, with just enough styling cues to differentiate it from other similar-looking models, like the Kia Soul and Kia Niro. The crossover has Kia’s signature tiger-nose grille, a roofline that slopes downward towards the rear tailgate, and a flared design for the wheel arch protectors. Rumor has it that the lineup will have a selection of turbocharged gas and diesel engines to power the Kia Stonic, a front-wheel drivetrain with all-wheel drive as a possibility, and a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Everything is currently up in the air, so it’s hard to say what is definite and what is not. Aside from sneak peeks at LED rear tail-light graphics and the styling cues that are reminiscent of several other models, this is one crossover Kia will be keeping under wraps, literally, until they’re ready to show it off. Along with the possible debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany this September, we may see it in the states during the Los Angeles Auto Show in December.

Could this really be the Nissan Juke rival everyone says it is? We won’t know until it’s release, already expected to be incredibly affordable in the $15-20k range.

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