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Jeep Looks To Steal Spotlight At Upcoming SEMA Show

Written By, Brad R

At NowCar, we embrace keeping our readers and customers informed on all the latest technology, innovation, relevant updates, vehicle refreshes, added accessories, and so much more that goes on within the automotive industry including your favorite brands. That’s exactly what we learn each year with the SEMA show coming up on November 5th through the 8th, 2019. This Las Vegas show is an expo that is made for vendors to see the latest concepts and innovation going on inside the automotive industry. The Jeep brand might just steal the show with their latest concepts. 

SEMA Showcase Draws Near

Some brands have already shown off a sneak preview of vehicles that debuted ahead of the show. Among the many brands and companies that reveal new concepts, our favorite this year belongs to the legendary Jeep brand. A new 2019 Jeep Wrangler concept has been released in photos and will appear at the SEMA show, among other Jeep vehicles. Paired with Mopar, the parts and supplier for all things Jeep (as well as other brands for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), this latest concept has some sweet features added on. We expect Jeep and Mopar to team up on quite a few new vehicles including some special edition Wrangler concepts. 

Highlights of the Latest Mopar Wrangler Concepts

In a striking cold blue paint body-color with all sorts of Mopar goodies including a sleek tube door with a single piece stamped front place on the front bumper made of steel and added fog-lights. Mopar has also raised the vehicle up with a two-inch lift kit to allow for greater off-road ease. Further upgrades include a cold air intake with a winch kit to increase the possibilities of adventure when going off the streets into new paths. Included in this concept is the newest Jeep Wrangler powertrain option. Jeepers have been waiting for this new 3.0-Liter V6 EcoDiesel that adds 260 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque for a quite a while. Customers don’t have to wait for a concept vehicle to be developed to enjoy this new powertrain. 

More Special Wrangler Editions On the Way?

Some reports have speculated that a Star Wars-themed Jeep Wrangler Stormtrooper Edition is waiting in the wings for the SEMA show. The Rise of Skywalker will conclude the Star Wars original series saga when it debuts in December 2019. Will Jeep and Mopar have this unique Wrangler? We’ll let our readers know. NowCar will always focus on trending stories and keep our readers informed. Check back with us for the latest details in the forthcoming SEMA show. For those looking for a current Jeep vehicle, including the newest Jeep Wrangler, see what we can do with our help in a no-hassle automotive buying experience. 

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