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Jeep Is Pushing 4xe To New Heights

Written By, Brad R

Jeep is preparing buyers with new 4xe entries in the electric vehicle segment at a fast clip. For the very top of the line EVs with off-road perks, look no further than the Jeep collection. That's been the bread and butter of the brand since day one for the brand, but this electrified component is becoming more familiar. Going back decades ago, the variation of the CJ-7 Wrangler that has risen to claim the flagship vehicle image for the Jeep brand dates back to the 1986 version that came out as the 1987 model year ride we call the Jeep Wrangler mid-size today.

In 2023, we are nearing the end of cycle moment for the fourth-generation Wrangler that debuted in 2018. The new JL Wranglers are much more capable than previous generations at offering ease on off-road excursions and have become modified to make driving off-road easier for owners to take advantage of the removable doors and windshield to create an open-Jeep experience. But, a few years into the fourth-generation, we are curious what the next generation will offer buyers as we get closer to 2024 when the expectation is a change is coming, including some of the largest SUV entries they have ever produced.

Is the Wrangler Altering Everything For Next-Gen?

Jeep is set for added success thanks to loyal customers, affectionately known as Jeepers, that are ready to join the next wave of innovative Jeep vehicles. The electric Jeep vehicles of the future will be arriving shortly, as the Wrangler was the first to gain a plug-in hybrid version. The next-generation Wrangler will certainly add the new 4xe trim as an on-going effort to provide owners with the electric option. The surge of owners of the Sahara and Rubicon trims most likely will still be found as they are oftentimes the hardest trims to find. The latest unveiling of the Moab Jeep Easter Safari this month brought eyes to the possibility of the latest electric Wrangler, the Magneto 3.0 concept that came with greater horsepower and torque. While still a concept, we can foresee an entirely electric experience for customers with the Jeep brand. Maybe even one for the ever-popular Jeep Gladiator mid-size pickup.

Upgrading the Jeep Wrangler

Jeep has built 4x4 capable vehicles, but the next step is creating electric vehicles that can still offer the same ability to handle difficult terrains and beat up roads found off highways and typical streets. We know the 5th generation will continue to push the technology envelope both with the interior and exterior. The previous Jeep generation introduced Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, along with an electronic sway bar. We can bet on the interior maintaining a sleek and modern style. Jeepers wondering if the Jeep Wrangler will continue to improve its high-technology features won't have to worry. Jeep has already planned to build more charging stations around the globe to build the Jeep EV takeover it has been planning. Don't forget, Jeep is hot on the trail of adding more EVs for the Jeep line-up.  

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