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Jeep Grows 4xe Trims With New Grand Cherokee 4xe

Written By, Brad R

Jeep is showcasing their new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L SUV in a new campaign that also shows the first-ever Grand Cherokee 4xe trim. This campaign has launched with a 30-second commercial that is titled "Made For What You're Made Of". The goal is to let customers witness the many paths they can take to explore the parts unknowns. Inside the campaign is also a view into a Paralympian runner, ice diver, as well as a base jumper, who were filmed driving these new Jeep vehicles. They were filmed in Colorado and Utah, places where the Jeep community knows full-well the capabilities of their Jeep vehicles. While Jeep is hot on the trail of adding more EVs for the 2022 Jeep line-up, more news is being revealed each month as the latest and greatest Jeep vehicles come out. 

Making Jeep Vehicles That Are Made of What You're Made Of

Recent images of the newest Jeep brand vehicles can be found everywhere online. Just a straightforward Google or Yahoo search will show the numerous photographs customers have broadcasted of their ability to tolerate extreme terrains and bumpy roads. The Jeep owners that are satisfied with their 4x4 capabilities are willing to deliver them after noticing what Jeep accomplishes in their new video launch. 

“The ‘Made for What You’re Made Of’ campaign is rooted in the ‘go anywhere, do anything’ spirit of the Jeep brand and its vehicle owners, fans, and followers. As the Grand Cherokee has evolved over the years, so has our owners’ ability to seek out more fulfilling experiences, and the Jeep brand’s goal is to give them a vehicle that allows them to explore the world they live in and to enjoy life to its fullest,” said Marissa Hunter, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Stellantis North America.  

Expanding the Jeep 4xe Lineup

Earning the esteem of onlookers is easy; just ask any one who possesses a Jeep. Jeep vehicles are desired after because they present three things that make owners happy. Jeep made these vehicles to remain highly capable machines that can handle going on-road or off-road with ease. Jeep engineers made sure to allow them to stay accessible and can be altered to the specifications of their owner in ways no other vehicle can. And not to be forgotten, Jeep is ready to offer their largest SUV entries they have ever produced. Continuously stay up to date with company news from Jeep by checking in with us at NowCar. 

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Find the choices our customers love including new Jeep vehicles from NowCar. Buy from your home, design what you want inside of your vehicle, piece by piece, as any customer can experience the nicest feeling of shopping where and when they want with our help. When searching for a vehicle, our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn how easy the process is to build one with NowCar. 

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