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NowCar Jeep Razor RX200 Electric Scooter

Jeep and Razor Launch a New Electric Scooter

Written By, Jordan R

Does anyone remember Razor scooters? The original, a kick scooter, that skater kids tried to make look cool by doing spins and grinding until someone knocked their teeth out. Those scooters eventually grew up, added a motor, and electric scooters have become a hand way of getting around town without the price of a car, but you still should to drive on the sidewalk or in the bike lane. Well, Razor recently partnered up with Jeep to make a new electric scooter, and it wouldn’t be a Jeep Razor scooter unless it had the ability to go off-road. Look out for the Jeep® RX200 Electric Scooter, because the Hyundai electric scooter now has some competition.

“Our collaboration with Razor to introduce its new electric scooter is a natural extension for the Jeep brand’s licensing portfolio…With its rugged Jeep brand style-and-feel attributes, the Jeep RX200 is made for adventure, capturing the spirit of the brand’s core DNA to go anywhere and do anything.” - Kim Adams House, head of licensing and merchandising – all brands for Stellantis

Yes, you read that right. This Razor scooter shares some of the capability found on Jeep models, able to go off-road and explore the outdoors on just about any type of terrain. Plus, just like the origins of Jeep, the scooter comes with an Army green color with rugged styling cues for the outdoors. Electric and eco-friendly, anyone taking these on hiking trails or through campsites can cruise with peace of mind that they aren’t poisoning the wildlife, nor are they bothering the wildlife and campers with the loud sound of gas motors. Outfitted with durable 8-inch, air-filled, pneumatic tires, the Jeep Razor scooter is built for city travel where speed limits are low, as well as going off-road where torque matters more than horsepower. The top speed is capped at 12 mph.

The Jeep Razor scooter comes with many of the features on most Razor scooters – a comfortable place to stand with a wide enough platform, riser-style handlebars for a more natural feel and better control during the riding experience. As we mentioned, torque matters more than horsepower when going off-road, and this electric scooter comes with a high-torque 200-watt motor powered by a 24-volt battery system. For those wondering about the distance, the Jeep Razor scooter can get up to 40 miles on a single charge. Recommended for ages 18 and up, this may become the new thing on college campuses, cities, and of course, out in the wilderness. Just another way for Jeepers to show their love for Jeep.

Promotion for the new Jeep Razor scooter will definitely be hitting social media platforms with cross-promotion marketing efforts by both the Jeep brand and Razor. It will be joining the already large lineup of Razor scooters, such as the recently launched C25, E300 HD, EcoSmart SUP, EcoSmart Metro HD, and E Prime III. High-performing and affordable, the Jeep Razor Scooter is available now and sells for $499. Cheaper than a car, but we wouldn’t sway you away from all of the nice new Jeep models you can buy online at NowCar. As cool as the Jeep Razor scooter is, it’s made for one person, and won’t be as cool when you have a hot date!

Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis Media