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J.D. Power Tech Study Results Announced

Written By, Jordan R.

J.D. Power & Associates conduct studies on the automotive industry throughout the year, and lately they’ve been releasing the results. Back during the 2018. U.S. Initial Quality Study, J.D. Power found Kia Motors leading the auto industry with several vehicles ranking highest in their respective segments. Now, the results of the 2018 Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study have been released by J.D. Power, and you can probably guess one of the brands named. Yep, Kia Motors is at it again, thanks to their customer-friendly and intuitive technology.

Currently in its third year, the 2018 Tech Experience Index Study was conducted between February to July 2018. The TXI Study measured owners’ experiences, utilization, and interaction with 38 driver-centric vehicle technologies after 90 days of ownership. The participants were made up of 14,800 individuals that responded to a survey, who purchased or leased a new 2018 model-year vehicle in the previous 90 days that is an all-new or redesigned model within the past three years. The major technology categories analyzed in the study are entertainment and connectivity; comfort and convenience; driving assistance; collision protection; navigation; and smartphone mirroring.

Upon looking at the study, one may find some of the results interesting:

- A good note for all auto brands, consumer satisfaction with comfort and convenient tech has improved the most.

- Interestingly enough, consumers are more interested in third-party apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

- Some of the advanced safety features available today are actually more aggravating for consumers than intended, like Lane Keep Assist, although it promotes safe driving.

- Consumers who do find the technology and comfort of their vehicle enjoyable have a 94-percent chance of recommending the vehicle to a family member or friend.

The major finding from the TXI Study found that consumers are showing a large interest in smartphone-mirroring technology like Uconnect 4. This infotainment system can literally mirror the display of one’s smartphone onto their touchscreen. It’s a whole new level beyond Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and is a way around the safety protocols some consumers find annoying, i.e. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto lock the phone once plugged in.

“This rapid adoption of smartphone mirroring is the unavoidable outcome of consumers thinking that automakers are being outperformed by smartphone software providers in certain areas…Most consumers consider phone systems better for navigation and voice recognition—and they’re free. ‘Better and free’ are hard to compete with, so automakers will inevitably have to cede this territory and will be much better served by focusing on areas where they are the exclusive provider—like driver assistance and collision avoidance—and continue to hone those systems.” – Kristin Kolodge, Executive Director of Driver Interaction & HMI Research at J.D. Power.

Despite such technology just starting to gain popularity, Kia Motors had some models named at the end of the TXI Study. For 2018, the Kia Stinger was ranked highest in the compact premium vehicle segment, and the Kia Optima ranked highest in the midsize vehicle segment. We love both of these vehicles, and you will too. Shop for a car online with NowCar to find either vehicle.

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