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Move Over Month in Florida, Obey the Law

January is Move Over Month, Do You Know the Law?

Written By, Chloe L.

Florida’s roadways seem to get a little more dangerous every year. The number of reported accidents in Florida between the 2011 (229,234 accidents) and 2016 (389,256 accidents) has increased by 69 percent.*

With an increase of accidents comes an increase in the number of emergency vehicles tending to the crashes on the side of the road, and that can be very risky business. Knowing that, Florida passed the Move Over Law in 2002 to try and reduce the risks first responders and other vehicles face on the side of the road.

The Florida Move Over Law requires motorists to move over one lane — when they can safely do so — for stopped law enforcement, emergency, sanitation, utility service vehicles and tow trucks or wreckers.

  • If drivers can’t move over — or when on a two-lane road — they must slow to a speed that is 20 mph less than the posted speed limit.
  • When the posted speed limit is 20 mph or less, drivers must slow down to 5 mph

Despite the law, in 2016 there were 68 injuries and more than 200 crashes caused by drivers violating the law. So to bring awareness and to reinforce the importance of the law, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has dedicated January Move Over Month.

Aside from the risk of causing an accident, motorists that do not abide by the law can be pulled over and ticketed. The tickets are not only costly, but they result in 3 points being added to the driver’s license.

It’s just really not worth it. So when you see aw enforcement, emergency, sanitation, utility service vehicles and tow trucks or wreckers stopped on the side of the road, pull over or slow down, and please spread the word about it!

Drive safe, Florida!

*Information from Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System