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It's More Affordable - Buying A New Car Online

Written By, NowCar Team

There is a transformation sweeping America, people choosing to buy cars online at Consumers are no longer satisfied with the customer service they've been getting from automotive dealerships. They are weighing out in their minds whether or not it's worth it to go into a dealership, and finding that they'd rather purchase vehicles off the internet.

There are myriad reasons why consumers are transferring away from the old way of doing things, but be assured that this isn't a new trend. For as long as the internet continues to exist consumers will continue to buy online.


We live in a world with a lot of talk about transparency, but very little actual action to make things more transparent. There doesn't seem to be any end of governments who claim to be transparent but are actually not at all, and there is also no end of politicians that talk about opening up avenues of scrutiny that never materialize.

Those wise consumers who have started to use the internet to purchase things (including cars) have done so because they started to ask themselves some questions. One of the most common inquiries into the dealership process has to do with dealership fees.

How much are they?

If you haven't decided to seriously consider buying a vehicle online yet then feel free to ask your automotive dealer next time you see them. Ask how much of your money is about to go into their pocket simply for showing you around the lot and answering a few questions.

Maybe it won't be that much and you won't mind, but there is a really good chance it will be enough. Think about saving $200 dollars on a car purchase? Would that be enough to sway you? Well in some cases the dealerships are going to charge you much more than that. But that doesn't happen when you buy cars online.

Something else that commonly happens at dealerships is something called salesmanship. And while that isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is much of the time. Many salesman will try to talk you into some kind of up sell that will have you spending much more than you need to.

Also, they might try to talk you into something that just isn't a good fit because it is a little less money, even though they know you should go with something just a little more money. When you order the car online this can't happen, obviously, but it's still good to be aware of things like quotas and trying to get rid of slow-moving inventory just so consumers can avoid them.

Are quotas bad? Well, not all the time. If they motivate a person to do more on the showroom floor to sell some cars, that isn't always a bad thing. But if it is just something that has to do with the moving product, then it's likely a bad thing.

It will create the motivation to sell consumers things they don't really need. Not that such things couldn't happen when consumers buy online, but it would be a much more complicated process that is hard to really envision happening without face to face contact.

Another thing to keep in mind, that surely doesn't exist in the experience when consumers decide to purchase a vehicle through the internet, is the consumer is helping pay for the upkeep of the facility, along with the taxes. This would include any kind of lawn care, of lake cleaning, or anything else of that nature.

And it would also include painting the building, plumbing, all sorts of stuff as far as the interior goes. And property tax isn't cheap. So unless you buy online there is pretty much no way you aren't paying some kind of hefty tax in the process. It's just the way they do business, and if consumers aren't down to pay their tax then they need to figure something else out as a way to go-buy cars online, of course.

Secure and Trustworthy is secure, so you don't need to worry about your information being stolen when you buy online. Would you if you used another site? Maybe, but more likely what would happen is they would harvest all of your information and then either sell it to other sites or sell it to dealerships nearby.

That's kind of the problem with a lot of the sites on the internet—they weren't created with the consumers in mind, they were created with the people who run the sites in mind. Sometimes the sites will allow you to think you are going to complete the sale online, but then when you get to the part where you check out the site just redirects you.

And those are just the more benign things that can happen when a site decides to do something out of order. It isn't out of the realm of possibility that a site might collect more than just your information, they could also trick you into giving out your bank information, and all sorts of other things.

When consumers use the internet to purchase they need to watch out for these scams because often times it can be very laborious to have to piece back together your credit file after someone else gets through hammering on it with fraudulent purchases and all sorts of other crazy things. Imagine if a fraudulent loan was taken out using your name and information.

But you don't have to worry about any of that with, the best place to find, research, and purchase. It's easy to use, and even lets you compare prices with other sites. The entire process is monitored by the Associates, and if you have a question they are ready to answer it after you initiate contact.

There are times, though, when the Associates will initiate contact with you. If there are any problems, they will get a hold of you; and after the sale is complete and shipping details need to be arranged they will get a hold of you. Many online services meant to make it possible to buy cars online don't follow up with consumers. And that's too bad because the delivery can be one of the most complicated processes of all. is the real deal, and they are dedicated to making buying cars online something that isn't like pulling teeth. With the experience consumers have when they go online is one that is deluxe, with all the stops pulled and the red carpet rolled out. Don't wait, go to now to buy cars online.

And do your friends and family a favor and tell them about They need to know so they don't fall for any of the powerful tools of deceit used by those unscrupulous people who prowl around honest industries trying to make a dishonest buck. is staffed with the best, most honest people on the planet, so you'll be in good hands. And likewise, your family will be in good hands as well. Soon enough you'll have your new car in the drive, and all the money you saved in your pocket, with a smile on your face. What better way is there to be?