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World's First Plug-in Hybrid SUV Available in U.S. Fall 2016

Written By, Chloe L.

Mitsubishi Motors has confirmed that the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV), the world's first plug-in hybrid SUV, will be available at Mitsubishi dealerships in the U.S. this fall. This is big and exciting news for the American market because the Outlander PHEV is the best-selling car in several European countries and Japan.

The Outlander PHEV combines utility and capability of an SUV with advanced technology features that will make it the most fuel efficient SUV in the U.S. The Outlander PHEV can travel up to 32 miles from pure electricity. In hybrid mode, the vehicle maintains low emissions and has a combined fuel efficiency (MPGe) of 47.51 miles per gallon .

Additionally, Mitsubishi has refined the vehicle’s transition from the electric motors to the gasoline engine, so drivers don’t experience the jerky transition that is noticeable on some hybrids.

America has bigger cars than any other country, but the Outlander PHEV will be a fuel efficient car that doesn’t sacrifice room. The Outlander PHEV fits five passengers comfortably and provides plenty of headroom. The rear seat also folds down for ample cargo space, and the hatchback is wide, allowing easy transfer of large items.
Though Mitsubishi’s presence in the U.S. is not as large as in Europe, the Outlander PHEV could be a great fit because it offers consumers something that is not available here -- especially if gas prices increase.

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV specs