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Protect your car in Hurricane Matthew

Protect Your Vehicle Before Matthew and Drive Safe After

Written By, Harley R.

After plenty of speculation, it is clear that Hurricane Matthew will impact Florida and it looks like it will impact almost the entire East Coast and that the biggest impacts will be to the central East Coast. Before making landfall, Matthew is expected to strengthen to a category 4, so the damage could be significant.

While the safety of your family and your home is your top priority, it’s also important to think about what to do about your vehicle. Here are a couple tips to protect your car from hurricane damage caused by wind, rain or flooding, and what to remember when you drive after a hurricane! Be safe, Florida!


A garage is the best way to protect your car from damage and excessive rain during the storm, but that’s not always possible. So, before the storm sets in, do some research to find out if a local business that has a covered garage is opening it up to the public. If you don’t find anything from an internet search, think malls, college campuses, airports or big shopping centers. Call and ask if you can park there without being towed.

If there is no garage that you can find. Try to park in an area where there are no major trees that can fall on it and move it out of a flood zone! Then just wish for the best.

Insurance Check

Call your insurance company to see if you have comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage will cover your car if it is damaged in a storm. If you don’t have it, ask how much it is and consider adding it to your policy.

Also, take pictures of every angle of your car so you have proof that it wasn’t damaged before the storm.


Fuel up your car with gas, and do it now! There is always a need for gas in cars and generators before a major storm. Some gas stations have already run out of gas, so get to a station as soon as possible and wait out that line.

Do Not Drive During a Storm

We can’t stress this enough do NOT under any circumstance drive during the hurricane. Find out when conditions will begin and get everything done before.

Driving After the Storm

It is best to stay off the roads for as long as possible after a hurricane. Not only do the roads need to be clear for emergency vehicles to get around, there is usually a lot of debris blocking the streets and power lines can be down, which can cause serious harm or even death if you come in contact with them.  

If you have to drive be very cautious. Know where the flood zones and avoid them at all costs. Do not ever attempt to drive through a flooded street. Even if it looks like it's only a couple inches of water, you never know and there’s always a chance it gets deeper in various places. Also, be aware of debris in the roads and avoid them.

Be safe, everyone!! If you have any questions or additional suggestions that we could add to this list, feel free to reach out to us on our NowCar Facebook page here.