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How to Save Money For the New Car You Want

Written By, Brad R

The best way to travel in most cities is to have reliable transportation. Unfortunately, public transportation is not the greatest and ordering a car service can be expensive. So having the money to spend on a vehicle isn’t a luxury as much as it is a necessary part of living in 2019. We’re sure every reader would love to have a new vehicle and the easiest way to make a new vehicle purchase is through NowCar. However, we are sure some readers have questions about how to save enough money to get the new vehicle they’ve had their eyes on. We welcome all customers to speak to us about financial assistance, but we’re happy to recommend these ideas to help raise enough money to make the best choice.

Sell Any Old Vehicle Beforehand

Some owners don’t mind having a secondary vehicle. However, if a reader is looking for extra cash to purchase a new vehicle then selling an older makes sense. Older vehicles lose their value with the passage of time and that older vehicle will not have as much value as it does right now. Private sales will help an owner get the most out of the vehicle in terms of money. We suggest going to a dealership only if money is needed as soon as possible. While it might take longer to reap all the value out of an older vehicle by selling it privately, that move usually makes the most money back. Dealerships give a flat rate and never view an older vehicle as being in a great condition, even if the vehicle truly is.

If An Older Vehicle Is Going On Sale, Make It Look Fantastic

List the vehicle on multiple outlets for a private sale and make it look as fantastic as possible. We know the best way to sell an older vehicle is to give it a solid wax job and car wash, in the very least. Making an older ride shine and look clean inside and out will help raise the most amount of value. Just think of the prize at the end of the road when this older vehicle will be sold to help raise money for the new vehicle. Don’t be afraid to reach out to family or friends about selling the vehicle and to help raise awareness so the sale can happen as soon as possible. Also, don’t go too below the value of the vehicle just to move the vehicle for cash quickly.

Have a Savings Plan

Every dollar counts before making any large purchase. While it may seem like a small amount of money, think about conserving money by going out less. Figure out how much money is being spent on things that are not necessary. Start with weekly figures and manage any accounts with how much money is spent and find ways to carve out some expenses. Sacrifice some entertainment on the weekends to achieve a higher balance. Aside from selling a current vehicle, consider doing any maintenance on the vehicle at a local car shop. The dealership might charge more money to do what a local service tech can for less. Getting a loan from a bank is always an option, but consider how to save money beforehand.

Stick to the Savings Plan

Life happens, we get it. However, don’t justify unnecessary spending. Hold off on being excessive with buying clothes, video games, concert tickets, fishing equipment and anything that might jump out during the weekend trip to a mall. Financial saving is not fun, but when the time comes as the goal is reached, riding in that brand new vehicle will make every day going forward worth it. We know the feeling of earning and working towards something special like a new car purchase can do wonders for the owner. If owning a new vehicle is the goal, don’t forget to stick to the plan.

Get Your Next New Vehicle With Us at NowCar

Wondering what vehicle to go with? We have everything a new vehicle owner could ask for. Want to drive in a crossover? Thinking about a compact car? Ever wanted to drive in a new pickup with all the latest features? Think NowCar. Shopping online for a new vehicle has never been easier than right now. We offer a completely hassle-free car shopping experience. That’s our aim and why we built NowCar for our clients. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Feel free to reach out to us on social media. We know you’ll love not having to pay extra dealership fees and getting the price you see first. NowCar is always open for customers to find and select the right vehicle they have wanted. Best of all? No delivery fee with NowCar on any car purchase! This is the NowCar way. Check out how we can help you today.