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nowcar monroney sticker

Monroney Sticker vs. Addendum Sticker & How to use Each to Your Advantage

Written By, Nina R.

It’s a known fact that purchasing a new vehicle requires consumers to become the best version of their bargain-hunting selves. It can often feel like buying a new car is an energy-draining activity as opposed to a rewarding one that calls for a celebration. Consumers that don’t understand what is negotiable about a car price will find it difficult to get around an initial asking price. Learning to distinguish between the Monroney sticker and the addendum sticker can make a world of difference.

The Monroney sticker (named after U.S. Senator Mike Monroney who sponsored the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958), is intended to disclose the equipment and manufacturer's pricing information on new automobiles. Engine and transmission specifications, standard and optional equipment details, warranty information, fuel economy ratings, and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price are among the details required to be on the Monroney sticker affixed to the window or windshield of every new car sold in the U.S. This sticker cannot be removed or altered before selling to a consumer.

Features that are added to a car at a dealership are required to be listed on a separate window sticker - an addendum sticker. While the options vary from dealership to dealership, the addendum sticker must be separate from the Monroney sticker. The purpose of the addendum sticker is to list the price of all the dealer-installed features and provide the asking price of said vehicle, combining the MSRP and the added-on features. When shopping for a new vehicle, the addendum sticker is your friend as the extra features added by the dealer are fantastic opportunities to negotiate a price. Additional paint protection and rust-proofing, window tints, remote starters, anti-theft systems, and wheel locks are some of the common options that are installed by dealers.

For starters, prospective buyers should note what’s listed on the addendum sticker and perform an inspection to make sure that everything listed is an actual added feature on the new car. This is a great way to make sure they’re not going to get charged for features that may be listed but haven’t been added yet. Next, consumers should be wary of protection packages such as paint protection and rust-proofing. While this is not a removable feature per se, it’s important for consumers to know that protection packages are completed by the factory and come standard with the car - anything extra that's been added by the dealer is negotiable.  

It should also go without saying that consumers shouldn’t have to pay for features that they do not want in a car, and the easiest way to negotiate a lower price is by asking for the removal of the unwanted dealer-added options. Remove the added options, reduce the added cost - it’s that simple! Additionally, pre-paid maintenance packages and extended warranties are some of the add-ons listed on the addendum sticker. While these are entirely optional, some dealers will try and include them within the price of the car. Knowing how to read an addendum sticker will come in handy since services like these are optional and the choice to buy them or not remains with the prospective buyer.

Why choose NowCar?

While we’d love for you to put all this new knowledge to good use, we’re more in the business of valuing your time. At NowCar you won’t have to walk around aimlessly while examining every addendum sticker in sight. We make hunting for a new car as smooth and as consumer-friendly as possible with our NowCar search tool that helps you narrow down the features you want and need in a new car while doing away with those you don’t. Our detailed search tool will make sure you don’t pay for any unwanted extra features ever again. As if that wasn’t convenient enough, our virtual doors are open 24/7 - and our five-day money back guarantee ensures that you shop with peace of mind.