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NowCar Cheap Lease Online

How to Get a Cheap Lease on a Car with NowCar

Written By, Jordan R.

Here at NowCar, we’re always trying to get our customers the best price on a new vehicle. Aside from getting our customers an affordable finance deal, as well as an excellent cash price, NowCar can also get our customers a cheap lease, and we’re not hiding it either -- just take a look at some vehicles on the site. At NowCar we show a comparison between our price, MSRP, and competitors, and our prices are almost always lower. There are several ways our customers can get prices even lower in just a few steps.

Create an Account

Creating an account with us is easy and painless. We don’t ask for any invasive personal information, just the usual first and last name, an email to contact you, your zip code to determine vehicle availability in your area, and you pick a password and pin number for logging in. That’s the first step.

Fill Out a Credit Application

This one can sometimes turn people off. Credit comes to play a lot in adult life, and the better your score the better deals you can get, along with better options. There’s also a difference between a soft credit check and a hard credit check. Think of it like when you buy from a retailer and they authorize the payment and then later collect - rare occurrence, but it tends to happen with online purchases. Well, the same goes for credit checks. A soft credit check simply checks your score without tampering with it, and that’s what we do with your credit application.

Why should you fill out a credit app? It’s optional, we’re not forcing you to do anything, but filling out a credit application can actually lower your monthly payments. The two are directly connected. Lease rates are based upon the price and worth of a vehicle between its lease term beginning and end, and typically a cheaper vehicle has a larger lease payment, and vice-versa. Lease rates are also based on a person’s credit. The better your credit, the lower the lease rate.

Rebates Questionnaire

Now for the fun part. Think the monthly payment after a credit check was already a great deal and cheap lease? With our rebates questionnaire, that price can drop even more. When searching for a vehicle, customers get a chance to take a questionnaire and answer a series of questions to help us determine how much more money we can drop from the MSRP, regardless of whether they choose to lease or buy/finance. We all know how rebates work - it’s basically a form of paying the customer money back for buying a certain product, being a member of a particular organization, or having competitive products already in the household.

At NowCar, that rebate comes in the form of lowering the MSRP of a vehicle. Put the questionnaire and the credit application together, and getting a cheap lease payment isn’t all that tricky. Nothing up our sleeves, just a great price.

Ready to start looking? Sign up with NowCar and get a cheap lease on a vehicle today.

*Disclaimer - Depending on one’s credit score, a lease payment may not effectively drop, depending on the car make and model a.k.a. a high credit score doesn’t automatically equate to a low payment on an expensive vehicle. It is also worth noting prices and payments can change and vary month-to-month, and the price or monthly payment seen today may be different in 2-3 months from now or the exact same.