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How Sedans Are Surviving In 2019

Written By, Brad R

The sedan has long been rumored to expire with automakers building fewer sedan models. However, that is not entirely the case. There are some brands that are ensuring this won’t happen, brands like Dodge. Dodge is a great example with their ever-popular Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger. Both vehicles have not changed much in over 10 years, yet they remain relevant and successful. So, what have other automakers done to keep the sedan relevant amongst the recent landscape of SUV, crossover and pickup markets growing in size? Some are making their sedans more like those vehicles. All-wheel-drive sedans? Check. More SUV-like features? Yes. Let’s explore some of those changes coming to the sedan market.

The New Sedan Has Been Born

Nissan has made its Altima with all-wheel-drive and other brands have joined them in providing this feature. All-wheel-drive (AWD) and four-wheel-drive is a standard feature or option for most SUVs and trucks in 2019. In fact, in 2019 new vehicles sold, vehicles with AWD hit a record 63.4%. That number is up from 56.4% in 2008, according to Edmunds. With the landscape changing in the past decade, owners want their vehicle to offer more than just the traditional “getting from point A to point B”. Road trips aren’t comfortable without being able to have more space and legroom, but even more important is having the ability to drive on slippery or rough trails. Many drivers see AWD as a luxury and buy larger vehicles just to gain that feature.  

“The transition to SUVs has primed American auto buyers for additional capabilities. The recent increase in cars offering AWD is an attempt to level the playing field between cars and SUVs,”  said Jeremy Acevedo, Edmunds’ manager of industry analysis.

Is Fuel Economy Not As Important?

In the last decade, the United States has seen much lower gas prices. As a result of this, consumers have not been as worried about how well their vehicle’s gas mileage situation is. This has lead to the growth of pickups and large SUVs. However, that tide is starting to change and sedans have never been better in terms of offering higher MPG for sedans. All-Wheel-Drive is a feature that does not lower gas mileage. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is considering adding AWD to their wildly successful Chrysler Pacifica, according to Automotive News. Luxury brands have added these features as well, including BMW and Audi.

Prices Still Matter

No matter what, a consumer is worried about overpaying for a vehicle. SUVs are larger and therefore, their price is larger than nearly any sedan of the same brand. For example, the Chevrolet Equinox costs $30,296 MSRP, while the Chevy Cruz costs only $21,300 MSRP (Plus destination fee) and the nearly every brand provides a higher cost for their larger vehicles, as this makes sense. For many new drivers, they might not want to pay more and have a larger vehicle to handle. While the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 met their end, FCA has not given up hope on all their sedans. Just like General Motors with their plans to end the Buick LaCrosse, Chevrolet Impala and Cruze. For drivers that are worried about what the future will hold as far as sedans go, NowCar is here to help provide a fantastic experience for drivers who want to be behind the wheel of a sedan.

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