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How FCA Is Shaping Their Future With Electronic Vehicles

Written By, Brad R

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) isn't done making big moves in 2019. After their on-again off-again merger with France's Renault, they have a new proposal to finance $788 million to add a brand new electronic production line for the latest electronic version of the Fiat 500 car. For FCA, this will be the first robot directly in the production line, which will be established in Turin, Italy. This assembly plant will be added to the well-known Mirafiori building with a lofty goal of manufacturing 80,000 units a year beginning in the second quarter of 2020. What else will Fiat Chrysler have in store? 

FCA Has Money To Spend

The investment on the 500 BEV is only a share of a $5.6 billion plan to 2021 FCA has declared for Italy. The production capacity could be expanded further according to FCA's chief operating officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Pietro Gorlier. FCA expects to provide up to 1,200 new jobs with this production. The ideas had initially been made over a year ago back in June 2018 with proposals to build four all-electric Jeep vehicles. FCA has also set aside a massive $4.5 billion investment for revamping or creating five Michigan FCA plants. Make no mistake, FCA is out to rival every other company for EV vehicles. In fact, at least one FCA executive was quoted as saying that FCA is "going after Tesla", which is incredible and welcomed. 

"Today's celebrations marked the opening of a new chapter for Mirafiori. The platform being installed at the plant is specific to electric cars and its first application will be the Fiat 500 BEV. Today, the first robot was installed and the rest of the plant will be retooled over the coming months. In the body shop alone, there will be a total of 200 robots enabling a fully-automated welding process. Production of the first pre-production models is scheduled to begin by year-end," said Pietro Gorlier, FCA COO for EMEA region. 

Other Remarkable News From FCA

FCA has made important changes for their growth as a company all throughout this year. FCA has established a partnership with Enel X and ENGIE to bring EV charging solutions in Europe. They want to have sufficient charging stations for their forthcoming Jeep Renegade PHEV and Fiat 500 BEV. Notably, FCA made even more prominent news with their on and off again Renault trade talks we mentioned earlier. Though the conversation between both companies is something that has not finalized, we know that the deal would become the third-largest automotive company. With 2019 offering extraordinary innovations for the company in both the United States and globally, we are looking forward to seeing how we can help our customers get the best vehicles here at NowCar. Thinking about getting a new car? Side with NowCar to make the most comfortable and straight forward vehicle purchase ever!

Why Shop NowCar?

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