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How FCA Has Changed Their Future To Provide More Electric Vehicles

Written By, Brad R

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced in 2018 some mighty big plans. They said they would be spending over 10 billion dollars in ensuring their future would carry the latest electric vehicle technology across their brands. Most recently, FCA announced a plan to invest $4.5 billion into their Michigan production plants. Some of that money will go directly towards ensuring the production of their electric plans. Let's look at all the latest additions upcoming from FCA and how long it will be before customers today will be able to drive and experience better fuel economy results than ever before.

Jeep Leads the Way

For FCA, Jeep is the brand that will stand out most adding 10 PHEVs by 2022. With two planned launches per year, we are already seeing the electric influence with the Jeep brand today. The most recent additions in the current Jeep SUVs lineup include an electric motor inserted into the new 2019 Jeep Compass and new 2019 Jeep Renegade. Even better, electrification options are expected across each nameplate by 2021. Both vehicles offer 31 highway MPG, an improvement of fuel economy and a way to help raise popularity among consumers across the Jeep brand.

Electric Technology Available In 2019  

FCA has already begun working on release the latest electric technology. Even Ram will see the use of hybrid technology added to their pickups. In 2018, the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 and 2019 Jeep Wrangler added a mild-hybrid system. Both vehicles were mostly successful in helping FCA experience gains in 2018; something few car companies can vouch. FCA is committed to making these vehicles available to the public as fast as possible and "enable new electrified Jeep products, including at least four plug-in hybrid vehicles and the flexibility to produce fully battery-electric vehicles" said Mike Manley, CEO of FCA.

Future Battery-Electric Vehicles?

By next decade, Plug-in Hybrid options will be apart of nearly every Jeep vehicle made going forward, including the iconic Jeep Wrangler. The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee is another vehicle expected to see a plug-in hybrid option. Manufactures and consumers will benefit from the 2017 "new energy" rule that rewards and incentivizes companies to produce electric vehicles. Battery-electric vehicles will be the next addition to be added across FCA brands eventually.  

While the interest is indeed there for customers and everyone wants to save money with new technology, simply put customers don't want to pay a premium to drive the latest electric technology. FCA knows this to be true as they expect only to gain back 60% of the costs for electrified powertrain technology in the next two years. While the choices remain limited, drivers today can find excellent MPG choices through NowCar today. Looking for more reasons why shopping through NowCar is the best way to buy a new vehicle?

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