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Helpful Hints For Online Car Research

Written By, NowCar Team

Shopping For Cars From Home

When you’re looking for a new car, shopping for a car online can seem a bit daunting. Even though this means avoiding the gimmicky sales pitch from numerous dealerships, the internet has its own caveats. With the enormity of misinformation available, it becomes important to learn how to properly navigate your searches to gain the most knowledge that will become useful in your quest for the right car for you.

The following are helpful hints that will guide you to a satisfying online car shopping experience.

Make a List

Write down what you want and include everything. Be as vague or specific as you want, but keep in mind the more specific you are, the more narrow your search becomes. I understand this may sound silly as how often do adults put pen to paper and list our wants, but this is the first step in getting exactly what you want. Once you have your list, turn to your computer and start searching.

Check Your Facts

Just like when you were in school and your teacher needed you to use credible sources, you should still expect the same of yourself. Credible sources are those whose information can be cross-checked on numerous other sites without discrepancies. If you visit only one website for the car you want, how will you know you’re looking at the best deal. Comparative online is a great way to gauge how much you should be expecting to pay for the car you want. Visit numerous websites. Remember that brand websites (Chevrolet, Toyota, Subaru) will have all of the information you need regarding initial price, costs of extra amenities, different trim levels.

Read Reviews

While the brand website will have all the most informative information necessary, that alone does not complete the process. Go to websites where expert and customer reviews are given. These will give you a better understanding of how the car drives, its handling and performance, if its better on the highway or in the city. Without having to test drive the car yourself, you can get a thorough investigative review on the car you want. Maybe you’ll find that there is a better year or trim you can purchase that you didn’t consider before.

It’s easy to start getting frustrated around this point if you’re reading reviews that aren’t what you want to know. Don’t get lazy and be satisfied or frustrated with just one review. Visit different sites. One website may have a different take on the same vehicle than another website. Everyone has biases. Don’t base your decision off someone else’s. Be thorough.

Go To is a wonderful new website that is a one-stop shopping online car buying experience. While that may seem to contradict what is written above, it is not meant to. Gaining knowledge about what you want and don’t want will help you make the most informed decision. At you type in the car you want including all the specifics. They present that car to you and what you’ll find is that price they offer is lower than what you came up with. It’s lower than any price because they don’t use a sales team or a dealership. From there, buying it is only a matter of clicks. It couldn’t be more simple.

No caveats. No gimmicks. No sales pitch. Just you getting exactly the car you want.