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Gorgeous All-New 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Arriving In Style

Written By, Brad R

The All-New 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale is making its international debut as the brand shifts to an electrified product line, this is the standard that marks the brand’s growth. There is no denying that Alfa Romeo has stayed true to its DNA of dignified Italian sportsmanship since 1910, and the Tonale will be considered as an extreme growth but staying devoted to its race-inspired background over the last few decades. Today the brand has represented a new generation of luxury, electrification, and connectivity. This might be the beginning of a new rich history and another Alfa Romeo gem we'll look back on years from now.

Welcoming the 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale

The 2023 Tonale arrives as a gas-electric hybrid, delivering 31 mpg. Alfa Romeo provided the 2023 Tonale with a rear-mounted 243 KW electric motor to aid an internal 1.5-Liter turbocharged petrol combustion engine. The high voltage belt starter generator will be mounted to the engine which will provide torque to the crankshaft into smooth transitions during any driving conditions. Fitted with a twin-scroll, low inertia turbocharger, direct fuel injection, and engine stop-start technology, the Tonale is loaded with the brand’s well-known and dynamic performance and unmatched vigor. The Alfa Romeo brand also included a turbocharged 1.5-Liter petrol engine that will be available in two different options, with 128 horsepower or 158 horsepower with an extra 20 horsepower coming from the 48v mild-hybrid system added to the engine. 

“Here is our new Alfa Romeo Tonale. It looks great, doesn’t it? The Tonale is a very important milestone for our brand because of two reasons: it is our first compact SUV but also it is the first electrified car in Alfa Romeo's history,” said the Head of Alfa Romeo Design, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos.  

What the Alfa Romeo Brand Was Built On

In 2022, realizing the advantage of the science behind modern aerodynamics, ergonomics, and other practicalities, Alfa Romeo worked towards these essential aspects when developing this new ride.Providing a remarkable experience driving remains the focus of the brand. The All-New 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale has distinguishing, desirable, and forward-looking configurations. Owners searching for a dynamic customer with its uniqueness of Italian design and contemporary style typical of Alfa Romeo. The interior is focused on the driver with all the controls for easy access to provide a safe unparalleled driving experience and the same is prearranged for the passengers as Alfa Romeo automakers provided the ideal space to travel in comfort. We expect the price to range from about $40,000 MSRP to $48,000 MSRP depending on the trim. Curious about learning more about the history of Alfa Romeo? If you’re looking for a luxury vehicle that also comes with top-notch performance, look no further. Shop for an Alfa Romeo when you shop for a car online with NowCar.

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