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Google Allo The Newest Google App Could Make Its Way Into Cars

Written By, Jordan R.

Oh Google, will you ever fail to impress? First a search engine, then email, followed by the cloud, cloud-based laptops, the Android, self-driving cars, Google Assistant, and now there’s Google Allo, a new messaging app that is smarter than ever. Have you said “Hello” to “Allo,” yet?

Let’s start with the basics. Allo is a new messaging app that integrates the Google Assistant, and it was released in September 2016. Like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, the Google Assistant gets smarter over time and it’s what makes the Google Home a very savvy electronic to own, much like its counterparts. However, its integration into one’s home is said to be easier and cheaper.

Google already has its own messaging app, Hangouts, but Allo is a mobile-only app that is meant to redefine messaging rather than replace a good thing. With hundreds upon thousands of messaging apps out there, it will be hard to compete, but that’s where Google jumps the hurdles into our daily lives.

WhatsApp may be the most popular international messaging app on smartphones. Alexa is a great companion to play music or turn on the TV. Do either of those take a joy ride with you? No, not yet at least. Google’s Allo will though. Well, more specifically, the Google Assistant. At the moment, the plans are to offer Google Assistant in car infotainment systems and smartwatches.

It’s the newest arms race for the auto market and tech giants. Apple already has Siri in the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic, Ford announced that it would offer Alexa integration with Sync 3 AppLink and the partnership is already underway, and Microsoft wants to put Cortana into Volvo cars. In December, Google got on a level playing field, tying the knot with Mercedes-Benz to allow users to communicate and control their cars with Google Assistant on Google Home. With the new release of Google’s Allo, one could speculate that Google Allo will also act as the primary messaging app when sending a text on the road or even the medium for talking to your car.

Surprisingly, FCA and Tesla are still up for grabs for Google to claim. If the former gets an arrangement with Google going, that’s a whole collection of brands working with Google, and that could change everything. Especially if Google’s smart-driving car goes into mass production.

Just throwing it out there, but imagine how much driving accidents would drop if all cars were autonomous with Google Assistant. Had a little too much to drink? Just call your car to come pick you up and drive you home. Did your boss just drop a load of paperwork on your lap when you’re supposed to pick up the kids from soccer practice? Use Google Allo and text your car.

Mopar was one of the first to put Wi-Fi into automobiles, and now we might have cars we can talk to? Plus, Mitsubishi has an A.I. concept car floating around out there.

We never thought we’d say this, but SkyNet might be a real thing after all. Here’s hoping it doesn’t go all The Matrix on us!