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NowCar GMC Sierra Trailering Upgrades

GMC Improves the Sierra Pickup Truck with New Trailer Tech

Written By, Jordan R

GMC, known better at GM or the General Motors Co, is known very well for its trucks. Under the umbrella group of GMC is Chevrolet, known for its SUVs and especially – trucks. Today, we’re taking a look at a newly upgraded vehicles from GMC, the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 and Sierra Heavy Duty. With upgraded trailering technology, consumers can continue their outdoor adventures, confident that they have a truck that can handle all the heavy lifting while they enjoy life a little more. As more people look for ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors while we can, these updates to the trucks came just in time.

“Trailering is essential for pickup truck customers. More than half of our Sierra customers use their trucks to primarily tow equipment for outdoor adventures…We continually listen to customer feedback, which tells us they want class-leading safety, technology and comfort to tow what they need, whether it’s a boat, an RV or a trailer hauling off-road toys.” - GMC Marketing Director Rich Latek

Five Upgrades to Round It Out

There are two new additions for 2021, the Trailer Length Indicator and the Jack-Knife Alert. The former is helpful for truck drivers that are coming up to a turn. Even though we all learned it in Driver’s Ed, you shouldn’t drive next to a truck trying to do a right turn. Their turning radius is large and can easily smack you as the trailer comes around. The Trailer Length Indicator displays red overlay twice the length of the compatible trailer when the turn signal is activated to alert other drivers, but also shows the truck driver when other vehicles are present and may interfere with a turn or simply changing lanes – the truck driver needs to know where the trailer is and how much space they need to make that turn or merge. It’s pretty helpful.

When someone says, “Jack-Knife” in terms of driving, the image that comes to mind of someone darting in between vehicles to get ahead. When it comes to trucks, this is when the position of the trailer is too close to the rear of the vehicle and can cause a jack-knife situation when the trailer extends from the cab at the angle of a switchblade. Not a fun time and can be dangerous, so it’s great that truck drivers will also get this help going forward.

Upgraded for 2021, the Rear Trailer View* now comes with guidelines and a Trailer-Angle Indicator. With guidelines, truck drivers have more assistance when backing a trailer into place, and the Trailer-Angle Indicator helps to show the relationship between the truck and compatible trailer when syncing up to hitch. This isn’t the only upgrade. The Rear Side View and Cargo Bed also received some enhancements.

For 2021, the Rear Side View now provides a split view of the left and right sides of the truck and the compatible trailer, giving drivers a better look at all angles. This view will also be accessible while driving in reverse so drivers can see all surrounding vehicles and objects when positioning the trailer. The Cargo Bed View has been enhanced with a new Cargo Bed Zoom View feature and Bed Hitch Guidance that make it easier for aligning and hooking up a gooseneck/fifth-wheel trailer for those working with heavy duty trucks and trailers.

Looking to enjoy the outdoors? GMC is making it easier than ever with these new trailer and truck upgrades. Check out a GMC Sierra pickup truck when you shop for a truck online with NowCar.


*Requires customer-installed available GM auxiliary accessory camera
Photo Source/Copyright: GMC