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General Motors Will Add Multiple New Buick CUV EVs

Written By, Brad R

General Motors is aiming to revamp its brands to include a wide range of all-new EVs. Included in that lineup will be the Buick brand, as well as Chevrolet and GMC. While the Buick brand is best known for the Enclave and Encore SUVs, its lineup includes the Envision and Regal Sportback sedans that are prime targets to gain new EV trims someday. However, GM may start off with a CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) as the first-ever Buick EV as a new CUV. This new Crossover Utility Vehicle will no doubt carry an EV trim. Not only will there be one Buick CUV EV option, but Buick is in line for a roll-out of three new CUV EVs. This is just part of the massive growth of 20 all-new electric vehicles GM has planned to carry by 2023.

Buick Concentrating On These New EVs

The plan will be put into action soon as Chevrolet, another brand we offer on NowCar, will see its own group of three new CUV EVs added. General Motors is serious about expansion in vehicles that offer greener solutions for customers and is one of the leading automakers to help create the latest wave of EVs in America. We know Buick is primed to see growth with great consideration added towards making these vehicles special. What will these vehicles offer? More than just fantastic driving ranges, they will look sleek and begin the process that will range over the course of the next five years. Buick first debuted the Enspire concept vehicle at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show. The concept (pictured above) showed the amazing talent that Buick automotive designer Kleber Silva could make. The design was sleek, but the Enspire concept however offered an incredible 550 horsepower and had a travel range of up to 370 miles. Buick claimed the EV would be able to go from 0 to 60 in four seconds. This process to turn the concepts into production vehicles has gone into work the past two years since and will continue for a few more years. 

Buick's Plans To Expand Lineup Goes Through 2025

The Buick CUV EVs are going to carry the same wheelbase to be built at GM's Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. The hope is to have them all added in 2025. The Buick CUV EV will have one wheelbase that is slightly lower and more athletic and aimed at young adults or drivers without any need for more than a single passenger. Buick will also carry another that is set higher and offers greater cargo space, ideal for those with families or driving with passengers often. Buick specifically said they aim to "maximize interior space and cargo" and the other model is set to be more "expressive". The most recent Buick concepts carried a gorgeous and unique exterior appearance and we're sure Buick will only continue to go down this path for these future CUV EVs. 

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