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General Motors To Produce an Electric Pickup

Written By, Brad R

With the number of electric vehicles on the road, from sedans to minivans, there are absolutely zero pickups that are entirely electric. With that in mind, General Motors (GM) will be creating this vehicle at some point in the near future. This news was confirmed by General Motors CEO Mary Barra when she spoke on a call with investors and confirmed what many had speculated for some time. General Motors is going to begin plans to create its first-ever electric pickup. We've collected the latest on GM's plans and what to expect in regards to the EV pickup.

All Eyes On Electric

For General Motors, they have discussed the possibilities about where they can take their brand. While they have not decided if GMC or Chevrolet will be the victor of the electric-pickup option. General Motors has witnessed other brands including Ford and Tesla announce they will create their own electric pickup, but so far there is no concept or debut expected for any company. Barra has talked more about General Motors and their goals when it comes to the process, amid speculation and news about the future of the brand.

“GM has an industry leading truck franchise and industry-leading electrification capabilities. I assure you we will not cede our leadership on either front. We intend to create an all-electric future that includes a complete range of EVs — including full-size pickups,” - Mary Barra, CEO of GM

Over 20 Electric Options Expected

General Motors has plans to create a complete line-up that will include pickup electric vehicles, including 20 fully electric vehicles for sale by 2023. There was speculation earlier in 2019 about GM getting behind a new company that has plans to create a new electric vehicle named Rivian. Those plans never developed as Amazon swooped in and offered $700 million to make it happen. General Motors is poised to build their own EV collection and Barra's determination makes create a dependable electric pickup, even without Rivian.

In January 2019, Duncan Aldred, vice president of General Motors' GMC brand, maintained GM's viewpoint by declaring at a conference after the Detroit Auto Show that the brand was going to invest into an all-new electric truck, but didn't give any additional terms to add on to what Barra had said. Another GM spokesperson declined to further elaborate about what Barra had revealed, but said, “No, thank you.” While there is no word on when these electric vehicles will be named, we do know what the current lineup looks like for Chevrolet and it is available right now through NowCar.

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