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It's possible to keep a new car clean and have a dog in your car

Gadgets to Protect Your Dog and Your New Car

Written By, Chloe L.

If you are a dog owner, you may have found it hard to allow yourself to buy a new car at the risk of your brand new vehicle quickly being damaged by your dog, but that shouldn’t hold you back. A new car can easily be as enjoyable for you and your dog with the right protective and safety equipment.

Hammock Seat Protector

Hammock seat protectors are a great car accessory for sedans or two-row SUVs. In comparison to regular ol’ seat covers for the back seats, hammock seat protectors completely cover the vehicle’s back seats, the backs of the front seats and they create a boundary between the front and back seats. Not only does this keep all of the vehicle’s seats protected from dog hair and scratches from their nails, but it prevents the dog from disrupting a driver by moving into the front seats.


To use them or not? Doggles are sunglasses for dogs, and some people want their dogs to wear them in car rides if the dog sticks their head out of the window because they prevent debris from getting into a dogs eyes. Some people find them a little funny or ridiculous, but we completely understand why an owner might want to protect their pooch’s eyes.

Remote Start

If you are getting a new car, you should definitely look for a vehicle that has remote start. Remote start allows users to start their vehicle before getting in it, which means the A/C will start cooling it down before you get in! You’ll never have to walk out to your car to cool it down before you and your dog go on a car ride again.


Whether you have remote start or not, tint is a great feature that you and your furry friend will both enjoy, especially in hot and sunny Florida. Tint helps keep a car cooler during the day, and that makes entering the car after it has been parked during the day a much more pleasant experience. Tint is also nice when driving, too because it filters out the intense sun rays, which can make dogs, especially a black dog, hot during a car ride.

Regular Cleanings

If you are really worried about your car turning into a dump from letting your dog in it, be sure to get regular cleanings that include vacuuming, wiping down all of the surfaces, and cleaning the back windows.

Don’t Forget

Remember, never leave a dog in a car during the day. Even if the windows are cracked, temperatures in vehicles increase quickly, even if the sun isn’t out.

Don’t let your dog hold you back from getting a new car that you’ll love. So if you are ready to start your search, start with NowCar. You can research hundreds of vehicles with our website and you can buy a new car 100% online and have it delivered to your door.