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Ford Investing Over $2 Billion Dollars For Upcoming F-150 Series

Written By, Brad R

Ford has announced some uplifting news regarding its commitment to uplift American manufacturing for years to come. The future site of an all-new production plant has begun as the Ford company will create the first-ever electric F-150 pickup. The actual production run for this all-new F-150 pickup will start around mid-2022. Ford has invested $700 million for a new manufacturing center at the Dearborn-based Rogue Center. For now, the Rouge Complex will begin the process of creating the all-new Ford truck. Ford is set to add the latest high-tech manufacturing abilities needed to make this electric vehicle. Ford will grow about 300 jobs at this new plant. Among these new jobs will create a battery assembly for the production of the F-150 PowerBoost hybrid and fully electric Ford F-150

The Massive Investment Ford Has Put Into Its Plants

Ford is going to revamp its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. This announcement was made in 2019 as Ford will invest over $1.45 billion to modernize this plant. Along with the upgrade to the plant, we will see 3,000 jobs added over the next three years. The growth of Ford has prompted the brand to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of the automotive industry. The move towards EV will cut into the two million pickups assembled and made in the United States in the last year alone. Ford's hefty amount of production is twice more than any other automotive company has produced in the last year. Interestingly, the Ford brand alone has generated more revenue than just about any American company including McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Visa, Nike, or Netflix. 

“We are proud to once again build and innovate for the future here at the Rouge with the debut of our all-new F-150 and the construction of a modern new manufacturing center to build the first-ever all-electric F-150. This year’s COVID-19 crisis made it clear why it is so important for companies like Ford to help keep our U.S. manufacturing base strong and help our country get back to work,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company.

More On the Next-Gen F-150

Customers can expect great things from the standards that Ford will set when the next-generation F-150 comes out. The goal is to raise the towing capabilities and offer greater infotainment systems that can update right from the system. A new 3.5-Liter PowerBoost hybrid powertrain is expected to be added to the top-selling pickup truck. This will include the introduction of the Pro Power Onboard™ – an integrated power generator added to the F-150. The goal is to increase the power and acceleration for all the pickups produced for the upcoming 2022 model year and the expectations are to surprise and delight customers with more versatility than ever before.

“The critical launch of the all-new F-150 is now underway -- on time and with the Built Ford Tough quality our customers demand to get the job done. F-Series pickups are the backbone of work and productivity across the country. And now we are preparing to build a fully electric version of America’s most popular vehicle, and it will be a seriously capable, purpose-built tool for serious truck customers,” said Jim Farley, Ford CEO

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