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Ford Introduces An All-New Electric Ford Mustang

Written By, Brad R

Ford has rebranded its Mustang car into a new all-electric crossover SUV. This new Mustang vehicle is definitely a change to a brand that has defined the muscle car segment for years. The former Mustang design had been an iconic look for decades and now apparently Ford is ready to change the game with this gesture. Now as a new, electric crossover, we expect many readers to view electric-vehicles as a whole different breed of vehicles. The EV (electric vehicle) world has changed dramatically now that the Mustang has joined this segment. The vehicle will be known as the Mustang Mach E and it debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show. 

Why This Ford Mustang Has Changed the EV Game

While EVs have been made for years, this is certainly a change from one of the largest automotive companies in the world. To change their most well-known vehicle into a new segment, transforming everything about the Mustang is new and exciting. Some detractors don’t know how to place this news, but we’re quite excited knowing Ford has put out such an effort. A more fuel-conscious Mustang that is also four doors, this is a remarkable example of forward-thinking engineering. Tesla is on track to finish 2019 with over 360,000 electric vehicles sold. Tesla has grown its brand with only EVs across its entire line-up, now they will have competition with Ford entering in the EV world. 

All About the Mach E

So what will owners of the new Mustang Mach E receive? All Mach E vehicles will have 15.5 There will be plenty of trims to choose from. The starting price is $43,895 MSRP for the Select, the base trim, that gets owners up to 230 MPGe. Ford will offer the First Edition (which offers a 270-mile range) is set at $59,900 MSRP, the Premium trim, which nets 300 miles is set at $50,600 MSRP, the GT trim offers 235 miles at $60,500 and will debut first. The California Route trim offers the highest MPGe with 300 miles will be available for $52,400 MSRP. Both the Select and California Route trim will be ready for customers by 2021. Owners can opt for all-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive depending on what options or trim they choose. The horsepower and torque offered will begin at 255 horsepower up to 459 horsepower and the 306 lb-ft of torque up to 612 lb-ft of torque. The GT will have the best horsepower and torque and go from 0 to 60 in under four seconds! The Mach E will be one of the model options among the Mustang family. For more info about all the latest automotive news, check with us at NowCar.

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