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Florida Haunted Road Trips and Stops'

Written By, Harley R

Florida has some pretty “haunted” spots and there’s no better time to go on a “spooky” ride than in October. If you’re in the spirit of Halloween like we are, here are some fun and spooky road trip ideas across Florida.

From St. Augustine to Miami

This road trip is a longer one, but can still be done in one day. It runs down the east coast from St. Augustine to South Florida (Miami). We chose our top three favorite haunted spots for you to stop along the way of your road trip.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine

You may be thinking, “Really? What could possibly be scary about a lighthouse?” Well, after visiting the St. Augustine Lighthouse you probably won’t have the same question.

For starters, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the U.S., so there’s bound to be centuries of lingering souls there. The St. Augustine Lighthouse opened in October 1874, and it's been the scene of several different deaths and many people have reported hearing children's laughter, footsteps, and more. The lighthouse is so haunted, that there’s even a ghost and paranormal tour that is known to scare the wits out of those brave enough to participate.

Launch Complex 34, Cape Canaveral

Launch Complex 34 is an abandoned rocket launch space located on the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Launch Complex 34 was built by NASA, but it wasn’t used for long. In 1967, three astronauts died in a tragic cabin fire and after that, it was never the same.

One mission was launched in 1968, and the space was decommissioned shortly after. Paranormal and ghost activity has been felt and heard at the spot including screams from thin air and overwhelming feelings of sadness and fear.The area is open to the public, but arrangements may need to be made with the air force base prior to arrival.  

Biltmore Hotel, Miami

You may have heard of the Biltmore Hotel and know of it as a beautiful and luxurious hotel in Miami, but it is much more than that. The hotel was the scene of a murder of a gangster and it was used as a military hospital during World War II.

Hotel staff and hotel guests have reported many strange and paranormal activities like unexplained flickering lights, lights turning on and off on their own, and a wandering elevator that mysteriously goes to floors when the button hasn’t been pressed.

Central Florida

This road trip will take you to the five scariest haunted locations in Central Florida. Plus, while you are visiting haunted locations you can make a stop at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and really get into the Halloween spirit.

Spook Hill, Lake Wales

People can experience the “haunting” of Spook Hill without even leaving their vehicle. Don’t believe us? Visit Spook Hill and put your vehicle in neutral. It will roll up the hill without doing anything!

The legend of Spook Hill is that when it was an Indian village many years ago, the town was plagued by a huge gator. The Indian Chief ended up slaying the Gator and proved his strength and worthiness. Many believe the Gator comes back to haunt the town of Spook Hill.

Kenilworth Lodge, Sebring

Dating back to the early 1900s, this hotel lodge in Sebring is said to be home to many ghosts. Feelings of a haunting, voices being heard, and doors opening and closing on their own have all been reported here.

One guest of the lodge even reported waking up and feeling the scary feeling that something was actually in bed with him. Also, many have reported seeing the ghost of George Parker, a former manager who died in the hotel in the ‘50s. The Kenilworth Lodge is on the National Register of Historic Places and ghost tours have visited the property in the past.

Ma Barker's House, Ocklawaha

Don’t mess with Ma Barker, dead or alive. During the ‘20s and ‘30s, Ma Barker was one of the most wanted and feared mothers in America. The mother of a few criminals, Ma Barker traveled with her sons across the United States as they committed crimes.

She escaped to this house in Ocklawaha to hide out with one of her sons, and it was the spot where she ended up being shot and killed by the FBI. The shooting consisted of over 2,000 bullets and they are still visible in the house. The house is currently unoccupied and many have said they have experienced paranormal activity and or feelings while visiting the spot.

Dead Man’s Oak, Kissimmee

Just south of Kissimmee in Central Florida there is a tree known as Dead Man’s Oak. Not just a few, but hundreds of people from all over say they have experienced seeing a headless horseman riding a white horse passed the tree. The legend or story is that the man being seen is a Spanish soldier who was captured and beheaded below the tree.

Enzian Theatre, Maitland  

The Enzian Theatre is a non-profit theatre that hold many film festivals. It is a great place, however there is a spooky side to it many do not know about, unless they have experienced it personally. The legend is that at 1 a.m. a disembodied head will appear screaming in the north corner of the theatre and it then goes to the kitchen where it disappears. This paranormal haunting is said to only occur on moonless nights.

St. Petersburg

Whether you live in St. Pete, are visiting, or have been looking for an exciting road trip this fall, we have a trip for you. St. Petersburg is not just one of the prettiest areas in the state of Florida, but it is home to some really spooky spots with historical backgrounds. Here are five spooky spots to roadtrip to in St. Petersburg.

Loews Don CeSar Hotel

This hotel is a St. Petersburg hotel on the beach known for it’s pink paint, great dining, and beautiful rooms. It is also known for ghost hauntings. In the past the hotel was a VA Hospital. People claim to be able to hear spirits of those who passed in the hospital still till this day lurking in the hotel.

There is one famous character (or ghost) that is rumored to haunt the hotel, Thomas Rowe. Rowe was a student in London in the late 1800s who fell in love with a beautiful opera singer whose name was Lucinda. Her parents did not like Thomas and forbade them to date. Later, when he moved to the United States he built a hotel and opera hall (now the Don CeSar hotel) in memory of his broken love for her. He reportedly died in the hotel.

Leverock’s Seafood

Leverock’s Seafood is a restaurant that is home to some very delicious seafood in St. Pete. It is also allegedly home to some paranormal hauntings and activity. Many people have reported seeing a ghost or paranormal sightings when in the restaurant and facing the garden. The legend is the haunting comes from a limestone rock with carvings of faces on it that was found while constructing the restaurant. The limestone rock is over 1,500 years old and said to have been used by Timucuan priests. The rock is still at the restaurant on display.

Beach Drive Inn

The Beach Drive Inn is a hotel in St. Pete that is a stop on the ghost tour. There is a room in this inn known as the Montego room. Since as early as 1910, guests of this room have reported hearing the sound of footsteps and the sound of music. It gets even creepier though, there is a rocking chair in the room that many guests have seen rocking all on it’s own.

Fort De Soto Park

Fort Desoto Park is a beautiful park located on the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. This park and beach area may be fun during the day, but after dark it gets very eerie. Many have said that they have experienced the sounds of “ghostly voices.” In addition, at night in the bathrooms many have reported footsteps when in there alone.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

One of the most iconic bridges in the state of Florida known as the Sunshine Skyway bridge is more than just a long drive with a beautiful drive. It is also home to several major deaths and accidents. The bridge is not the same as the original. The bridge today actually replaced the old one after it collapsed in 1980, killing 26 people. Sadly, it has also been an area known for suicides, with over 200 jumps to death off of the bridge.

One of those who had died on that bridge has been said to stick around and make ghostly and haunted appearances. The ghost is a young blonde girl and many have reported having her jump in their car at one end of the bridge, but disappear before they exit the other end.

Happy Halloween from us at NowCar! We hope we didn’t scare you too much.

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Check out NowCar and find the car you love. The car will be delivered directly to you for free. If you are brave enough to do one (or all) of these haunted trips let us know on our Facebook what you think!