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NowCar Jeep Avenger Recon

First Jeep BEV for America Is the Recon and Not the Avenger

Written By, Jordan R

Off-road 4x4 automaker Jeep is one of the strong players in the Stellanits automotive group lineup, and yet it is also incredibly devious. There was a time when we reported on the Wagoneer S, said to be the first all-electric model from Jeep. Well, that’s just not the truth. Apparently, overseas, Jeep has been cooking up something else. Before the Wagoneer S ever sees the light of day, another battery-electric vehicle (BEV) called the Jeep Avenger is getting its release in Europe. It’s rugged, it’s attractive, and seriously why didn’t we hear about it before? If Jeep truly is an all-American brand, then we expect to see the Avenger to come stateside after its European launch.

The Jeep Avenger isn’t something brand spanking new. Back in 2022, Jeep debuted the Jeep Avenger at the Paris Auto Show. Not just that, but the concept was for a 2023 model year. Released for the 2023/2024 model year, the Jeep Avenger was named 2023 European Car of the Year shortly after its initial release. Outfitted with front tow hooks, wider fenders, and large tires made for going off-road, the Jeep Avenger is the savior for the off-road automaker when it comes to going electric. From what we’ve heard so far, however, the Jeep Avenger will not be released in America.

What the [expletive], right? What kind of [expletive] is that? The automaker calls it the original American brand, with roots dating back to its U.S. Army days, and yet it has no plans to bring its first BEV to America? A pox on its house, I say! How dare they keep this gem overseas.

Built with 7.9 inches of ground clearance, a 20-degree approach angle, and a 32-degree departure angle, the Jeep Avenger isn’t ground-breaking, but it still comes with the doo-dads of an off-road vehicle, such as skid plates and the aforementioned tires and tow hooks. Made to tackle challenging terrain, the Avenger is powered by a 400-volt electrical system and a single electric motor. It’s probably not the new BEV platform Jeep recently developed, seeing as how the news about it was released back in February 2024. If anything, this new BEV platform will be used for the Wagoneer S, plus another Jeep BEV that will be coming to the U.S.

Called the Jeep Recon, this BEV model is designed after the legendary Jeep Wrangler. Like the Gladiator, the Wrangler 4xe, and the Gladiator 4xe, it’s no surprise that the first all-electric model from Jeep will take some pointers from the most popular off-road 4x4 Jeep model of all. Designed to be a little boxy, the Recon will be the BEV by Jeep designed for off-road adventure. The Wagoneer S will also be an all-electric vehicle by Jeep, but this one is designed to handle the street. Said to be the luxury segment for the automaker, although the Wagoneer is designed to handle off-road driving, it’s mainly a “show off” car for the city streets and nightlife.

Set for an official debut this year (2024), we look forward to what the Jeep Recon and Wagoner S will bring to the lineup. Keep up with us on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Jeep