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European Influences Inspire Nissan

Written By, Brad R

Nissan has launched an effective electric vehicle platform before. There incentive to continue to grow and expand on electric vehicles is ever present in 2023 with plans to go fully-electric in Europe by 2030. Nissan is previewing its future lineup with a new sporty urban EV concept. Nissan revealed today the brand will phase out ICE vehicle production with plans strictly offer only all-electric vehicles by 2030. This is a massive plan to invest into the promise of cleaner air and less driving overall of gasoline vehicles over time. 

 “EVs are the ultimate mobility solution. More than a million customers have already joined our journey and experienced the fun of a Nissan electric vehicle, and there is no turning back now,” said Makoto Uchida, Nissan’s president and CEO.

Bringing the Next Great Electric Wave

Nissan marked sales success with more one million global electric vehicle sales in July 2023 this year, just over a decade since releasing its first electric ride, the famed Nissan LEAF car. Nissan was an true pioneer in the electric vehicle rise that has culminated in what the industry is pivoting towards now more than ever. The LEAF hatchback was small time game compared to today, however in 2010 this was a game changer., it 

The next big thing came as a result of the new direction the brand wanted to take EV SUVs with the Ariya all-electric SUV. Nissan started deliveries about a year ago now.

Plans Reached To Expand EV Line-Up

Nissan unveiled a sleek new sporty urban “Concept 20-23” EV to propel its all-electric future plans. A performance-oriented Ariya EV with several Nismo-like design concepts was spotted recently. We have expectations regarding the brand and their plans to invest more are now obvious. Nissan has put together roughly 50 million on these recent EV ventures. We are expecting even more influence to be seen from what this brand offers and proudly sell new Nissan vehicles at NowCar. Car shopping online has hardly been easier than what we provide! 

The Frontier is currently the second-highest selling truck in the United States. And Nissan is set to take over the EV segment as well when the 2023 Nissan Ariya SUV. We are ready to help our NowCar customers become a part of that success! 

Want to Drive A New Nissan? We Have Them!

We want to know what you think about the current new Nissan lineup. Do you want to drive a new SUV? Tell us about your favorite SUV on social media. For any future needs, you can come to us for buying your very own Nissan or new vehicle. We are here to help 24/7 at NowCar. We’re always open at NowCar, our team can help our customers search and build the vehicle they want. We ensure our customers get the best experience when building their very own vehicle. Check us out today as we look forward to assisting you right now!

NowCar only sells new vehicles and we can even assist with financing, should a customer request help to make their purchase. Call us at 1-877-8375 or reach out to us to get started with a new car purchase today. Deciding on the style of the vehicle, the brand or deciding by features, our generator is easy to use. Customers can go on NowCar at any point in time and receive automated assistance on our website.