Does End of the Year Really Mean Big Savings?

Written By, NowCar Team

Dealerships advertise “Big Savings” at the end of the year. But, how much of this is sales hype and how much is really the truth?

The truth is, there are terrific savings available at the end of the year. Every manufacturer has their own sales goals they are trying to make. This is based on the need to prove to their shareholders that they are going to make them money and the reality that they need to move some cars to make room for new model year inventory.

How does this benefit you, the buyer? Well, almost every manufacturer is increasing advertising expenditures for dealerships on incentives and rebates, which means more money back in your pocket! Dealers have monthly, quarterly, and year end objectives to hit and normally there are only 7 selling days after Christmas, with the sales reporting ending on January 1st or 2nd. However, this year there are 10 selling days after Christmas, the longest possible and 35 selling days in December.

The bottom line is that it both hype and truth! While it may sound like a lot of hype during the TV and radio commercials, the truth is that you could really get a great deal between Christmas and New Years.