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Dodge Introduces 2024 Durango Durango SRT392 AlcHEMI

Written By, Brad R

Dodge is bringing out a new special edition for buyers to embrace. The Dodge Durango is one of the particularly unique vehicles in the history of Dodge’s lineup that once carried the HEMI V8 in its unique SRT Hellcat offering horsepower as much as 797 horsepower, can move as fast as 203 mph, but the brand today offers only the SRT trim for the upcoming 2025 Dodge Durango due out this fall. The SRT is still very powerful in its own right and the fastest third-row SUV on the market today. And the Durango gets even more powerful with the entry of the SRT392 AlcHEMI trim. This is a special Last Call Edition by Dodge for the current generation of the Dodge Durango. The expectation for its MSRP is $89,795 (plus destination fee) and orders are open for this prize.

More On the 2024 Durango SRT392 AlcHEMI

This special edition will arrive as the last Durango entry to carry the V8 HEMI engine and arrives with only 1,000 built. There are 250 for each body color; Diamond Black, Destroyer Gray, Vapor Gray, and White Knuckle. This Dodge Durango is sleek (like its unique yellow Brembo brakes, stylish 392 decals) and really adds to the lore the Durango has created. The trim contains a set of 20-Inch x 10-Inch wheels. 

Step Into the Powerful 2024 Durango SUV

Those who want more additional strength in their ride that a traditional SUV or car can still go for the current 2024 Durango, even with the base trim. There is no rumored or stated successor for the Dodge brand as far as its SUV department goes, but we know the Dodge brand is gearing up for changes in 2025. Only if the brand makes this move can we expect to see the Durango remain an option for the brand in an all-new next-generation model.

Only a select group of vehicles offer the quickness and impressive maximum tow rating up to 8,700 pounds that the Durango delievers. Not to mention, the wide array of modern standard features that helped set the vehicle apart from the field. Owners gain standard blind-spot monitoring as well as rear cross-traffic alerts and further improvements to lower trim levels. We can’t forget to mention the Durango carries the sleek 10.1 color touchscreen display or drivers can opt for the standard 8.4-inch variant. Ask us for more information on what makes the Dodge Durango SUV a wonderful choice for owners. For those who want to sample the Durango and find out all about its power and refinement, look no further than NowCar.

After all, for those not aware, the new series known as the "Last Call" for buyers ends soon.

Forget Using a Horse, Drive Some Muscle

Dodge has done outstanding work to keep drivers satisfied and keep customers interested in the brand. Want to build a new Dodge vehicle to your liking? Reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think of the Dodge brand. For any new vehicle shopping needs you have, we can assist with all buying needs anytime at NowCar! Build your perfect ride with our help right now.

Find and create what vehicle you want directly from the comfort of your computer, phone, or tablet. We are open 24/7 to allow customers the best experience when building their own vehicles. To get going with building your new vehicle, just click on get started with your online car buying experience. We'll be ready to get started whenever you want for 2024 and beyond!