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Dodge Grand Caravan Drives Off Into the Sunset

Written By, Brad R

The Dodge Grand Caravan is set to drive off into the sunset come May 2020. The date will soon approach when the final Grand Caravan is set to become made. For over 35 years, the Dodge Grand Caravan has served as the top minivan, not just for Dodge, but for the minivan segment. The difference between the Dodge Grand Caravan and other minivans, few carry the strength and performance the Grand Caravan possesses. Let's go over what to expect with the new 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan and what are the plans for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) coming up after the vehicle's production runs out. 

Step Into the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan 

The Dodge Grand Caravan is made for those who have large families or traveling often with cargo space needs. The Grand Caravan is full of space inside the interior that includes 158.6 cubic feet of total space in all. Third-row seating with a two-passenger bench seat in the third row and the second-row are easy to fold in. The use of Stow n' Go seating makes space easily by folding the seating of either the second and third-row, or both, into the floor providing extra space. Nice, upscale features like heated front row seating, heated steering wheel, with a Blacktop Appearance package as an optional add-on. This provides red accent stitching with the black upholstery that serves as a sharp contrast. The automatic headlamps and standard 6.5-inch touchscreen headlines the infotainment system. The durability of the Grand Caravan has been unquestionably one of the hallmark reasons the minivan has done so well for so long. 

Why Is the Dodge Grand Caravan Ending?

Last year, the Dodge Grand Caravan actually performed rather well for the segment finishing atop every other minivan by comparison. The problem is the landscape of minivans as a whole has fallen down as customers have preferred SUVs more so than minivans. However many shoppers still enjoy the aspects of owning and driving a minivan in 2020. For this year at least, Dodge will produce the new 2020 Grand Caravan until May 2020. The new 2020 model year still offers top-tier amenities, a rather spacious interior, modern amenities, and enjoyable drive make the Dodge Grand Caravan a winner. FCA has paved the way for the Chrysler Voyager to take over and serve as the minivan’s replacement. Along with the continuation of the very popular Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, FCA will still have options for customers who won the family-friendly minivan.

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