How Much Are You Paying the Dealership?

Written By, Monique Y.

By bringing the car buying experience online, we have made it possible to sell cars at lower prices than brick and mortar dealerships. How? When you buy a car at the traditional dealership, you are also paying for the cost of the dealership to operate. Not to mention the extra amount you will pay for the car, think of all the wasted time you’ve spent actually sitting at the dealership. 

Consider this: dealerships add an average of $2,980 to the cost of each vehicle to cover the amount spent on advertising, dealer fees, salaries of employees and managers, inventory and rent. So if you do the math, a car that costs $25,000 has almost 12% of extra expenses added into the total price.

However with NowCar, we have eliminated the expense of rent, inventory and many of the employees needed to sell a car. With our unique rebates questionnaire, online credit application and one-of-a-kind document system, we can operate our business with significantly fewer people.

Too good to be true?

Nope. We lay it all out for the customers. When each shopper gets to the summary page of their car purchase, we provide a detailed breakdown of exactly what a buyer is paying for and dealer fees are definitely not there. And one of the best parts? We deliver your car to you for free!

While we are not the first to take our business online (think, Amazon), we are the first in this industry to bring the entire car buying process online from start to finish. You never need to set foot in a dealership again!

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