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Customers Can Learn More About Crash Testing Than Ever Before

Written By, Brad R

Photo Credit: IIHS

When customers research what they want in a new vehicle, they take many things into account and spend a great deal of time taking into consideration the pros and cons. The first thing to get past is the initial cost and what the upkeep will be. Then, experiencing the actual day to day driving with the vehicle becomes a main focus. The truth is one item to not overlook is the safety and crash-test ratings, which many shoppers might not understand. The truth is, the time has never been easier to find out how and why safety is important and the crash test ratings that reflect the results of the auto industry in relation to protection from accidents.

A Look Into the NHTSA

Luckily we've had time to focus on all the important factors car buyers should pay mind to. The creation of the safety ratings for vehicles dates back to 1978 when the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) first measured the performance of vehicles in frontal-pact and eventually side and rollover crashes. Today, we learn anywhere from 90 to 125 total vehicles tested by this federal program. It's such a large project, there are numerous sites where the testing takes place. Each facility is unique and offers their own results. One such building where testing happens is the Calspan Corporation, a research firm, located in Buffalo, New York. According to their Director of vehicle crash testing, Gerald Goupil, they are operating to provide results through an unbiased filter to the NHTSA and other agencies. "We have no ties to anyone. In the scheme of running a test, we provide a completely unbiased result," said Goupil. 

IIHS Breakdown

Another source to look into is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and their safety ratings. The IIHS is a non-profit organization that helps consumers understand the safest vehicles produced and helps buyers by guiding them to the safest and most informed choices. We know the IIHS will test around 100 vehicles a year over six different crash tests and provide a rating. The rating scale goes from Good, Acceptable, Marginal, Poor and includings a rating for a Top Safety Pick+ that is only given out to a vehicle that earns a Good rating on all six levels of testing. The crash-test safety ratings is one way to gauge whether or not to decide on one vehicle versus another, particularly when a vehicle is more expensive or offers slightly less than another vehicle.

Live Testing Brand By Brand

Keep in mind, many automobile manufacturers test their vehicles as well. For example, Volvo has conducted 20,00 to 30,000 computer generated tests to find out where to improve their production and added 60 live physical crashes to further learn how to build better vehicles. We at NowCar know the difference between a good value and a tremendous value. We only sell new vehicles and offer fantastic prices as we only want to sell vehicles that are among the safest and most reliable on the market. Start building the next vehicle primed to drive with its first owner ever, direct from us. Let us get started today!

Experience the Newest Nissan Vehicles With Our Help

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