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NowCar Chrysler Pacifica 2021 AWD

Chrysler Pacifica Getting All-Wheel Drive in 2021

Written By, Jordan R

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) sure has been busy lately. Closing out 2019 with the finalization of the FCA and PSA Group merger, the large automobile group (soon to have a new name) already has plenty to offer and is working on bigger, better, and greener things. With the influx of new sales figures, engineering, and technology combined, all of the investments FCA has been making for electric vehicles such as the $800 million investment in a Fiat BEV in 2019 or the $30 million that went into upgrading the Chelsea Proving Grounds for autonomous testing will surely pay for themselves in no time. Speaking of FCA investments, a lot of changes are coming to many popular brands in the lineup, but one of the main brands in the name, Chrysler, seems to be missing out. Aside from special editions for the Pacifica minivan like the Anniversary or Red S Edition, the only thing new we’ve seen from Chrysler is the Chrysler Voyager, which is really just the low-tier trims of the Pacifica with added accessibility. Well, just before we made it into 2020, Chrysler announced all-wheel drive on the Pacifica for 2021.

Okay, so 2021 is a little far off. 2020 just started, let’s catch our breath for a moment. We’re not knocking the released Chrysler has had for the Pacifica last year, but we’ll be expecting a lot more in the new decade. In fact, the Chrysler Voyager was a smart move for the automaker, simply by making the family minivan even better. Designed with enhanced mobility solutions for our elders and wheelchair users, the Voyager comes equipped with BraunAbility rear- and side-entry conversions, a wider entryway and more interior space, and an enhanced ramp securement system that can easily load the largest of power wheelchairs and scooters. Only available in two trims – three if ordering for commercial use – consumers won’t need to fret over too many options, and who has the time for that when shopping with family? It’s all starting at $28,480 (plus destination fee), but you know we can get you a better deal for the Chrysler Voyager at NowCar.

Circling back to the new about the Chrysler Pacifica, all-wheel-drive sounds pretty fancy for a minivan. We’re not taking the Pacifica to the race tracks, or at least we haven’t heard of anyone doing that, but according to a report from Mopar Insiders, all-wheel drive (AWD) along with some styling changes are coming to the Chrysler Pacifica for the 2021 model year. It’s about time, 2016 was so long ago (the year the Pacifica was first produced). Rumors claim that this AWD system could come from the Jeep Renegade and Compass plug-in hybrid vehicles introduced during the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. It’s possible since FCA is slowly transforming its lineup into hybrid and electric vehicles. We recently heard about the Dodge Durango getting a hybrid option this year (2020), and the Pacifica already has a plug-in hybrid version. Adding all-wheel drive too can’t be a huge challenge. Why that will take another year is anyone’s guess.

Changes to the Pacifica in terms of style will bring some new life to the front and rear fascias with a bolder grille and design cues that pay homage to the original Chrysler minivan, the Chrysler Town & Country. Not many other details have been released, but full-LED headlights and a new LED signature taillamp were mentioned in the report as standard features across the lineup. When more information is revealed, we’ll be sure to let you know. The only way to follow along is with NowCar on social media.

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