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Chevrolet Is Riding High With Upgrades To Corvette and Silverado Sales In 2020

Written By, Brad R

Chevrolet is buzzing with good news to start the second half of 2020. For both those who work for Chevrolet and owners and fans of its vehicles, Chevrolet is doing better after a slow start to 2020. Currently, Chevrolet has overcome the delayed mid-engined Corvette Stringway, as production has gone smoothly. Chevrolet has also overtaken the Ram brand for pickup sales to return to second place with its Silverado sales. And the Chevrolet brand is looking to offer interior upgrades for many of the 2021 model year, coming up shortly for customers to experience. Of course, one reason Chevrolet is having a banner year in 2020 might have to do with some of its performance in J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study as well. Allow us to share what Chevrolet is doing to continue to promote the best for its brand and its customers. 

How Chevrolet Is Shaping Its Lineup To Be More Tech-Focused

Technology has been a big focus for Chevrolet. The addition of popular tech upgrades has shown its self in the unveiled 8th generation Chevrolet Corvette. Some of the new perks included wireless phone charging, support built-in for over-the-air-updates, and a new 1080p Performance Data Recorder. Owners of the Corvette will certainly enjoy knowing just how fast the vehicle is going with key-info on measuring the specifics. The 2020 Corvette, the first of the 8th generation (dubbed the "C8", is currently available for customers. Interestingly, despite its delay to be released, Chevrolet will not push back the 2021 model year its premier sports car much. 

What Buyers Can Expect With the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette

The debut of the second entry of the eighth-generation Corvette is still expected in the fall of 2020 with upgrades that include Magnetic Selective Ride Control suspension availability without Z51, standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, new interior and exterior colors, and the option to include full-length dual racing stripes across the vehicle. This feature will be available as a package with blue, orange, red, or yellow color choices. A new driver mode with on-screen visualization and a new track digital tachometer will be added as well. This will make the Corvette very driver-centric inside the cockpit of the vehicle. For more information on Chevrolet and where to go to buy all-new Chevrolet vehicles, reach out to us at NowCar.

Shop Chevrolet With Our Help At NowCar

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