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Challenger Hellcat's Satin Hood Option Causes Order Delays

Written By, NowCar Team

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with Satin Hood

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the most powerful muscle car in history. Its 707 horsepower has adrenaline junkies drooling, and the coupe has dominated automotive industry conversations all year. 
Not only does it boast enough power to leave a grin stuck on your face for weeks, but it's all packed in a striking retro package.   
Aggressive doesn't even begin to describe the appearance of Dodge's most-talked-about offering. Plus buyers even had the chance to personally tailor their Hellcats with an online configurator when ordering.   
But unfortunately, many of those who have long awaited the arrival of Dodge's Challenger Hellcat may have to hold their breath just a bit longer.   
According to recent reports, some people have been notified that their menacing muscle cars are on backorder until early 2015. After a little investigation, the anxious enthusiasts discovered the reason behind the delay. Anyone who opted for the sleeker black hood is out of luck for now.   
Dodge has confirmed that the satin black hood is currently unavailable, and customers who ordered their Hellcats with the added feature will have to sit tight.   
A date for delivery has not been confirmed, as Dodge appears to still be working out the kink with their supplier. However, buyers have been given an estimate of February for delivery.   
For those who just can't stand the suspense, dealerships are offering customers the chance to alter their orders so they can get behind the wheel faster.   
If the configuration is changed to incorporate a body-colored hood instead of black satin, the dealership can get the order rolling again.   
So it comes down to a matter of pure aesthetics. Drivers have to be willing to trade in the extra devilish looks they were hoping for if they want to speed up the process.   
What would you do? Would you hang tight and practice being Zen or would you drop the black satin hood like a hot potato to get on the road? Whatever each customer decides, we suspect it won't take long for the Hellcat to woo itself back into their good graces upon arrival.