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Challenger Earns Top-Selling Muscle Spot Once More

Written By, Brad R

Dodge is one of those brands that always comes correct. That’s how they have secured yet another year supplying more more muscle than any other brand throughout 2022. Despite Dodge gearing towards a very productive run before the new generation arrives, Dodge wasn’t going to have a letdown by their flagship product. In 2022, the Dodge Challenger was the top-selling muscle vehicle ahead of rivals Chevrolet and Ford, ahead of the Camaro and Mustang muscle cars. 

Dodge saw the Challenger contribute sales of 55,060 Challengers in 2022, a bit of an increase over the 54,314 Challengers sold in 2021. That figure is more than twice the total of Chevrolet Camaros that GM moved in 2022, a low response of a lowly 24,652 units. Despite moving below both the Challenger and Mustang in total sales, 2022 was all right for the Camaro. Those 24,652 cars mark a sales growth of 12.6% over 2021. That movement in interest came without any upgrades to the Camaro lineup, which has remained complacent in recent years. Many people think that GM will discard the Camaro by 2025 or so.

Dodge Is Doing Better Than Ford

The most amazing fact is Ford only selling 47,566 Mustangs last year. This total represents the single lowest annual sales total of the entire Ford Mustang production run; a shocking twist. Numbers were down by 9.2 percent compared to 2021, further lowered from 14.2 percent compared to 2020. 

Dodge grew their brand in that time with the Challenger brother product, the Charger though not in the same segment, still moving 80,074 units. This is a noteworthy item to keep in mind how far ahead Dodge has come. The Dodge Charger saw a two percent gain over 2021. With the all-electric Charger SRT Daytona Concept arriving next year, we have only one Challenger to look ahead to from this current generation. The “Last Call” special edition model, with the final special edition set to be showcased for the first time on March 20, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gearing Up For the EV Debut For Dodge 

Dodge is still going to impress with their EV future. Earning the top sales position on the muscle and pony car sales rankings for the second consecutive year, the well-publicized end of generation lineup did not affect sales. Now we await the all-new EV launch, as the Challenger has no challengers yet again. 2022 marked a somewhat return to normal business after the pandemic for many, including orders for muscle cars across the industry. This is why we celebrate the buyers all over the nation honoring Dodge. Their brand built these long lasting, heart-racing cars and they earned the top sales thanks to top-notch design, sharp handling and wicked quick speeds at an affordable price. 

What Comes Next For Dodge?

The next push for Dodge is to convert former gasoline loving owners into new customers that are embracing electrified technology. Electrified technology is faster and cleaner, but it is also quieter so when a car is pulling away others do not hear a vehicle driving off in the same way that a car or SUV would with a combustion engine.

How close has Dodge come to keeping its promises for 2023? Interesting to look back and see all the electric high-tech coming out soon. 

Make A Move To Drive Dodge Muscle Today

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