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Buying A Car Online Can Be A Breeze

Written By, NowCar Team

Buying Cars Online Is A Breeze


Welcome to NowCar! The most trustworthy, reliable, and convenient place to do your new car shopping online.

It’s hard to deny that the presence of the internet has invaded our lives. It has changed the entire way we do things. From banking to shopping, to finding new restaurants. The internet has opened up a new world, allowing consumers to make educated decisions for themselves, about how and where to spend their money.

NowCar is Changing the Car Buying Experience

NowCar offers those very same consumers, a place to safely purchase a new car entirely online, without ever having to step foot inside of a dealership. The sad truth is, that most people detest the entire car buying experience. Heading into a dealership can be unpleasant, time-consuming, and oftentimes, a complete waste of time. A recent survey conducted by Accenture found that three-quarters of the 10,000 people surveyed would purchase their vehicle entirely online if given the option.

The same people who revealed their distaste for car dealerships, and their desire to complete their new car purchase online, stated that they would like a place where they could research, finance, buy, and have their vehicle delivered to their door - without ever going into a dealership. Here at NowCar, we offer that exact thing to our users. No physical dealership, no unpleasant negotiations, and no tricks. NowCar allows people like YOU, to research, finance, purchase, and have their vehicle delivered, entirely online.

Imagine this. Instead of planning an entire day around shopping for a new car, you can sit down on your couch, at your convenience, and buy a new car with NowCar. We are a fully licensed dealership and don’t use third-party resources at any point in time. Our service is completely FREE and is available to anyone over the age of 18, who is interested in purchasing a new vehicle online.

How It Works

Buying A Car Online How It Works

If you are one of the many American who are simply fed up with the new car buying process, join us in changing the way American but their vehicles. Our website is a safe, secure, and subjective place to complete your new vehicle transaction, without ever getting off your couch.

NowCar users can search for their new vehicle by body style, features, price, payment, make, or model. Once you find the vehicle you are interested in, you can customize the car to your exact specifications. From the color to the size of your wheels, you can do it all with NowCar. After you build your vehicle, our website will provide you with an accurate price that includes delivery.

We do not surprise our customers with hidden fees and offer the lowest prices on new cars. Right at our website, users are able to compare the cost of their new vehicle, to ensure they are getting the best possible price.

Throughout the entire process, a NowCar agent is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may encounter. Once you secure your new vehicle, you can finance, lease, or pay in full for your new vehicle, right on NowCar is secure, safe, and offers the most convenient, accessible avenue for a new car purchase.

What Makes NowCar Different

It is obvious that NowCar is different from the traditional, brick and mortar dealerships. But how are we different from other online car buying resources? Simply put, NowCar is a fully licensed dealership. We do not outsource our process to other websites or dealerships. Other popular online car buying services are in the business of selling your personal information for financial gain. NowCar will never sell your personal information, and conducts your entire new car purchase in one place.

Nearly every single physical car dealership now offers an online sales department. These dealerships want you to believe, that they are offering you a convenient way to purchase a vehicle, without the hassle of coming into the dealership. The truth is, all of these dealerships do require you to come down at some point in the buying process. Whether it is to secure financing or sign paperwork - these transactions are never done entirely online.

NowCar is different. Our process happens only online. We are able to offer the lowest prices on new cars because we don’t have to pay sales managers, sales commission, rent, or utility bills. Traditional dealerships have to factor all of these things into the price of your vehicle so that they can operate at full capacity. NowCar does not charge our users for these expenses because we don’t have them.

So whether you are looking to purchase the new 2016 Hyundai Elantra or are interested in buying a new Smart Car, NowCar can help. We offer every make and model, completely customized to your needs.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Breathe of fresh air

Having the power to complete the entirety of your new car purchase online, is a true breath of fresh air. The hassle, negativity, and inconvenience of car buying is wiped away with one click of your mouse.

NowCar believes that the way most Americans purchase new cars is archaic. While consumers make nearly all other purchases and major decisions on the internet, why shouldn’t they also have a safe place to buy a new vehicle online? Here at NowCar, we couldn’t come up with a good reason why you shouldn’t be able to buy your new car online - which is why we created NowCar.

So don’t worry about doing your makeup, fitting your new vehicle purchase into your busy schedule, or unpleasant sales negotiations. Simply grab your coffee, your favorite internet-ready device, and cozy up on the couch. You can have your new vehicle purchased before the end of the day, and all you have to do it wait for your new car to be delivered to your door.

Try it for Free!

Whether you are ready to make your next vehicle purchase, or are just testing the waters - try us out. NowCar is free and is a great place to start your new car buying journey.

Once you experience the ease of buying a new car with NowCar, you will never want to drive to a dealership again.