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NowCar Buick Crossover Sketch Instagram

Buick Teases Sketch of New Crossover

Written By, Jordan R

When people think of General Motors (GM), they probably don’t think of SUVs or crossovers. GM is mainly a truck brand, and develops engineering and technology with trucks in mind. For those unaware, GM isn’t just an automaker but also an automotive group that Chevrolet and Buick are a part of. Chevrolet covers various types of car categories – trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and performance cars included. Buick is mainly invested in crossovers, and because of this, we can already tell what the next concept is that GM will reveal for Buick – that’s right, another crossover. The GM Design Team recently shared some sketches of this sharp-looking concept.

Sketched by GM Creative Exterior Designer Hakan Demir, a man with more than a decade in the exterior design department, illustrated what looks like a compact or subcompact crossover model. With more sporty looks than a usual crossover, Demir is clearly up-to-date with the current design styles seen in the automaker. People like options for seating arrangements and cargo storage, but they also want adventure, and they want a car that says “Take me on an adventure.” You don’t get that feeling from a large or bulky SUV, and the crossovers of years ago were basically more fuel efficient SUVs. Today, vehicles are going for that sporty, and this crossover sketch says, “I’m more than just a crossover”.

Taking heritage styling, the sketch does involve some classic Buick design cues. Standing out, swooping LED headlamps and vertical front air intake vents appear at the front fascia, showing up in several models in the lineup. The classic L-swoop just above the running boards along the chassis are also apparent, and there is some styling reminiscent of the current Buick Envision, Buick Encore GX, and Buick Enclave, but this sketch definitely takes on its own tone. It definitely looks like a Buick crossover.

Shared on the automaker’s Instagram, we wouldn’t say this is a definite concept. If this was the for sure design of the upcoming Buick model, one would think a large PR or digital presentation would be held, like most brands in the auto industry host today. In fact, Buick has been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to any news on its media home site. The last PR about any model was back in 2021, once for the 2022 Buick Enclave in the summer, and the 2021 Buick Envision earlier than that.

The Buick crossover sketch may be a preview of a next generation for either model, but there could also be a new electric vehicle (EV) in the midst of it all. Buick has two upcoming battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) coming out, both crossover models, and at least one that could revive the automaker’s historical Electra nameplate. If that were the case, the inclusion of a grille is misleading in the sketch, but there is no indication of when this sketch was created. Plus, a teaser of the upcoming Buick EV interior gave us a glimpse at a redesign of the tri-shield logo on the steering wheel. We know GM has big plans for the future of EVs, having recently entered a multi-year contract with Glencore, an Anglo-Swiss multinational commodity trading and mining company, that states Glencore will supply GM with cobalt, a very important metal for the product of EV batteries.

Could the sketch be a Buick EV crossover or is it simply a teaser image and nothing more? Hopefully Buick won’t be tight-lipped for very long, or perhaps GM will break the silence. You can find out when you follow us on NowCar social media. You can also find the above mentioned Buick models when you shop for a new vehicle online with NowCar.

Photo Source/Copyright: Instagram/General Motors Design