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Buy a car online with NowCar

Benefits of Buying a New Car Online

Written By, Chloe L.

NowCar is kind of like Amazon, but for car shopping. At, you can buy, lease or finance a new car 100% online and your new car will be delivered right to your door, just like a package you ordered online.

If you are in need of a new car and the thought of stepping into a dealership makes you cringe, then we’re pretty sure the shopping benefits with NowCar will make you very happy.

No Hassle

When you shop online with NowCar, you are not going to be hassled at all. No one is going to try to pressure you into buying or leasing a car you can’t afford, getting upgrades you don’t want or buying protection plans you don’t need. At NowCar you are in total control of the car shopping and car buying process, so all decisions are completely in your hands.

Set Price

We’ve found our transparent pricing to be a big relief to a lot of our customers. Once a user completes a secure credit application, the payments displayed to finance or lease a particular vehicle are not going to change and are very accurate. And, if you are not ready to complete a credit application, simply estimate your credit using our Zip/Credit widget. This will give you a ballpark payment until you are ready to share more personal information. Unlike shopping for vehicles at dealerships, we present you with all of the pricing information up front. We want you to set the budget you can afford and we’re not going to show you vehicles you can’t. In addition to the credit application, we also provide you with a rebates questionnaire which asks some simple questions that provide us with information to know which rebates we can apply to your specific deal. Many dealers combine all the available rebates to show you a lower price, then tell you that you don’t qualify for most of the rebates. Not on NowCar. You are in control of what information you share without the games.

Your Time

If you’ve ever bought a car at a dealership, you know how long the experience takes. Walking around the lot looking at vehicles, waiting for employees to locate the vehicle you want to drive, then waiting for the entire paperwork and finance process to be complete takes hours, and sometimes it requires a few trips to the dealership.

Well, the only time you spend looking for a car on NowCar is the time you want to spend. With NowCar you don’t have to wait on anyone else to complete your car purchase. You also have the freedom to shop when you want whether that is early in the morning or late at night.

All Cars to Research in One Place

With NowCar you don’t have to go from dealer to dealer to learn more about the different cars you are interested in because we have in-depth information about all makes and models in one place! Not only is our site designed to sell and lease cars, but we also have a huge library of automotive information. From Ferrari to Nissan to Chrysler, we have all of the latest specs, reviews and details on the most current makes and models.

Start shopping for your next car online today at NowCar, we promise you will love the experience. If you need help at any point during your experience, reach out to us via chat, social media or phone and we’ll be able to answer any question you have.