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Average Age of Cars Increases, Are People Avoiding Dealerships?

Written By, Harley R

According to a study done by the IHS Markit, the average vehicle on the road is 11.6 years old. This is an increase of .1 year since 2015 and an increase of 2 years since 2002. While vehicle quality is cited as one reason for the increase in the average age of cars on the road, we also wonder if all of the negative aspects and experiences people have at dealerships are also a reason.

Pushy salesman, customers having to wait for excessively long periods of time, and the hassle of never being able to find the perfect car in your price range, are just a few of the reasons people dread shopping for a new car at a car dealership. Don’t believe us? Check out the two  crazy stories below.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife and Hide the Wounded Veterans?

We heard a story written by a salesman and the reality he describes is pretty bleak. The salesman reveals his past experiences working at a car dealership and he reveals some of the shady, unfair and outright wrong tactics that car salesmen use to make the best commissions. Various tactics the salesmen included in his story ranged from targeting people based on their needs, expected credit, gender or age, and selling cars for more than their value. He admits to have taken advantage of wounded military members, older people and low income individuals. If someone will take advantage of a wounded soldier in a business transaction, they will most certainly take advantage of anyone.


We read another story on a thread talking where users were describing their car dealership horror stories. We saw one that really struck as as CRAZY, but other people responded saying they’ve had similar situations as well. Basically this girl and her fiance went to purchase a car together. The dealership said they needed the license and a credit card to test drive (they don’t need your credit card for that). When they got back the salesman demanded they purchase the vehicle at their price as well as get their car fixed and trade it in. They politely said no we will be leaving we would like our stuff back. That is when the sales people claimed they might as well buy the car because they had lost her license and “accidentally” charged the credit card $1000. Safe to say that couple bought a car elsewhere once everything got figured out. In their thread they even said they now keep cars as long as possible just to avoid dealerships.

With NowCar, the negative experiences at a dealership is a thing of the past. When you shop online with NowCar, you avoid the pressures, inconveniences and annoyances of dealerships as well as the and the long wait. You can find your new car at your own pace, even in your pajamas. Build exactly the car you want and have it delivered to you for free. Start shopping now.