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Audi Reveals All-New Dual-Segment Luxury ‘Sphere Concept

Written By, Brad R

Audi has introduced a new concept vehicle that is entirely electric and an advancement of what a vehicle can be. This Audi vehicle actually serves as not only a luxurious choice, but a remarkable dual-segment option. Volkswagen's luxury brand, Audi has made this possible thanks to proper engineering. The back glass of the Activesphere vehicle is able to move forward and open the flatbed trunk that will allow for a pick-up capability for owners. Owners can now haul objects in the open air-space that is presented to allow new options for drivers. 

Inside of the Newest Audi Concept

Audi has revealed this concept with the use of the modular open cargo bed and called their innovation the “active back”.  Unfortunately, this is still a concept and something being worked out from a production standpoint.

“It’s a completely new range and a new possibility it affords to us. We at Audi are well known for trying out new things with cars ... there’s also an Audi tradition to say, ‘Never say never.’ Although there’s no concrete plans, yet,” said Philipp Gündert, Audi brand strategy, during a media presentation. 

Automakers often use concept vehicles to offer customers a view into what can end up becoming the future for the brand as well as render customer interest during the process. All concept vehicles are not meant to be sold, but studied. One aspect of the newest concept is arriving with no touchscreens, as the dashboard is mint and unobstructed, allowing  passengers and the driver to focus on their external surroundings. Quite a great deal of attention was paid to the design of the vehicle.  

Audi has put together the controls as a digital layer of vehicle controls and information. The displays, known as “Audi Dimensions,” will alter based on where the driver’s eyes are looking as well as their predictive needs. Audi has said the infotainment system can be managed with hand gestures. This includes navigation and other perks. We won’t necessarily production of these vehicles anytime soon.

Audi’s New Sphere Generation

The Audi concept vehicle also includes a retractable steering wheel for drivers that would stow away when the vehicle is in self-driving mode, a burgeoning technology included in all of Audi’s “sphere” concept rides.

When “sphere” is defined by Audi, they signal this as the interior space of the vehicles for drivers and passengers, as another personal space. This is its fourth “sphere” concept since the first one debuted two years prior in 2021. The Skysphere roadster, the sedan Grandsphere, and last April’s Urbansphere to signal a third vision in 2022.

Gündert revealed some elements of all the concept vehicles that will make it into production. He also offered details such as lights and design are a major plan. He added the performance Grandsphere is the one closest to a production vehicle. Looking for the modern rides of today ready to be had? NowCar has selected the finest brand vehicles including Audi for owners looking for the most convenient way to shop. 

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