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NowCar 2020 Trunk-or-Treat

Are You Ready for Trunk-or-Treat?

Written By, Jordan R

Okay, so 2020 hasn’t been the highlight of the 21st Century, and some of us may have had enough issues for a decade to deal with. The second half of the year hasn’t been any better, but when the holidays roll around, it’s hard not to try and get into the spirit of things. With Spooktober and Halloween, some of us may be wondering how are we supposed to go to parties and enjoy Trick-or-Treating with a pandemic going around? Some of us still want to let our kids enjoy this spooky holiday while still being safe. That’s why a lot of families and neighborhoods are looking into Trunk-or-Treat this year.

Getting Ready for Trunk or Treat

Trunk-or-Treat is the easiest and most ideal way to let kids go trick-or-treating this year. With Trunk-or-Treat, all it takes is a couple of people in the neighborhood or families or family friends with kids, and you have enough people for a little shindig. Trick-or-treating is all about the kids, but to keep them extra safe this year, it’s best we know who’s handling the candy and can keep an eye on what our kid is touching and who. With Trunk-or-Treat, you pick a location where everyone can get together, have some entertainment, and share candy.

Okay, but what is Trunk-or-Treat? Like trick-or-treating, where trick-or-treaters go from house-to-house, the concept is the same, except party goers have their cars parked around the point-of-interest and leave their trunk open to expose the goodies inside. This is a chance for the owner of the vehicle to really get into the spirit of things with Halloween decorations. Go for a theme, install a little stereo for spooky music, maybe a pop-up spooky surprise, or just decorate the car to look like a monster mouth opening up – that’s always a classic.

But what to choose? What vehicle would be the very best choice for a night of Trunk-or-Treat? We think the answer is obvious with this one. If going all out, then you want a large vehicle with a hatchback to really offer some space for the scenery and a sound system to set the mood. So why not check out the Chrysler Pacifica? It’s perfect for families on-the-go, so you already have transportation to the party, and with the ability to easily stow away the seats, those seating configurations can do more than hold cargo. Make use of the entire cabin for a miniature haunted house, store bonus candy in the Stow’N’Go compartments, or just play some spooky Halloween music to make trick-or-treaters wary of what could be lurking inside.

Halloween is one of the best holidays this year, it’s a time for us to pretend we’re someone else, the world is someplace is, and it’s also a time to have fun while also staying safe. We’re all wearing a mask, whether it’s a protective face mask or a monster mask, preferably both, but either way, we’re all getting some candy. Be sure to get ready for Halloween and try organizing your own Trunk-or-Treat. Have any ideas to share? Let us know if you decide to decorate for Trunk-or-Treat on NowCar social media.

Photo Source/Copyright: Nicole De Khors from Burst